If You’re Holding a Plank For More Than 30 Seconds, It’s Too Long — Here’s Why

Have you ever hold your body in an abdominal plank position more than a minute and thought that maybe there are people around the world trying to win a world record for this particular body position?

Mao Weidong is the one who set new world record by holding his body in a plank position for exactly 8 hours and 1 minute. Visualize yourself challenging your body to spend one-third of your normal day in this position or wasting the entire working hours per day holding a plank.

Discussing the Guinness World Records, most of the people on the Planet Earth are not challenged to achieve new world records. The minority who are interested and who wants to crash the Weidong’s world record must consider the best position for getting the maximum of this body position.

The expert in this field Austin Lopez, CSCS and owner of Ausome Fit, explains that the normal interval to hold your body in an abdominal plank position is between 20-30 seconds, which is not even nearly long to the world record set by Weidong.

In order this attempt to be effective ones needs to run his body to a gluten-free condition. Then, when assuming the attempt, the pelvis needs to be turned from a lower to a higher position, with a minor stretch forward ones’ hands to a certain extent. All these conditions will have a contribution to the exercise and the tension in general. Only then the exercise will be considered as a “high tension move”, explains Austin for Popsugar.

According to Austin if ones holds a plank more than a 30 seconds it is nothing more than a waste of someone’s time and no serious breakdowns can be expected. The shoulder persistence is the only advantage that can be gained from this position, but that it is not the aim of this exercise. The main objective of holding an abdominal plank is to reinforce the core. The disadvantage of this body plank is that the body begins to get tired and takes compensation into another body fields which leads to increase of the risk of loss of good body form.

Nevertheless, there is no space for worries – if you tend to achieve this attempt you need to concentrate on the weight and stop thinking about the time. A great help and challenge into this accomplishment will be a friend who will be able to put a plate with a heavier weight on your back or maybe a lightweight sandbag. On one hand it will be hard enough for your elbows and it will be worth it, and on the other hand will means challenge for your strength, explains Austin. If you are not able to find a friend who will support you through this challenge, you can try on your own by putting your toes on a stability ball or Bosu. It has the same positive effect regarding the core stability as the help ensured by a friend. Despite the helping method you are going to provide, try to give yourself enough time to be able to complete at least four sessions of 20-30-second planks.