If You Cannot Lose Weight, Try These 34 Tricks That Will Reset Your Fat-Burning Hormones

Greater is the number of women around the world that are fighting with weight problems which are leading to gallbladder problems, fatty liver, depression, high levels of cholesterol, or pre-diabetes condition. Many women are struggling with unexplained weight gaining too, which most of the times is related with hormonal imbalance.

Each hormone is considered to be a receptor which may be affected by great number of inflammations that may reduce the effectiveness of the same.

Today’s article will present to you several explanations why the receptor sites might turn into ineffective ones.

  1. Stress

You may gain stress by:

– great amount of grain in the barley, rye, wheat, and other corn products that are considered to be GMO;

– xenoesterogens-substances which may be found in the food, the environment around us, and the personal care products;

– food that comes from animals that have been given some growth hormones. Here may be classified: eggs, diary, and meat;

– uncontrolled consummation of alcohol, medicals, sugar, and caffeine; and

– great amount of fructose that is coming from tomatoes, unsweetened apple sauce, or high fructose corn syrup.

If you want to reset your hormones you will need to make certain changes in your everyday eating habits and balance your hormones. This will lead to weight loss.

  1. Estrogen 101

If the body is facing with progesterone imbalance, then loss of memory, water retention, or migraine may occur. Also, the fat on the thighs and hips is greater into these areas and the same leads to speeding up of the aging process.

Following are tips that you will need to undertake in order to return the balance of your progesterone:

– in order to prevent the estrogenic dominance, apply some progesterone cream on the critical zones;

– avoid food that is rich with copper such as: seeds, avocado, chocolate, nuts, and shellfish. It is scientifically proven that the copper is related with the estrogen. That is why the women who are consuming birth control pills are having greater problems with the estrogen.

– in order to remove all the harmful substances as herbicides and fungicides, you need to wash thoroughly the vegetables and fruits before consuming them;

– stop reheating the food in plastic containers;

– consume water that is packed into glass or stainless steel bottles, not water packed in plastic bottles;

– stop using personal care products that have parabens inside;

– add 2-3 cardamom seeds to all your soups that you are consuming. The cardamom is cleaning the liver, which leads to hormonal balance; and

– take 100mg of DIM twice a day, with meals in order to control your estrogen metabolism.

  1. Insulin

The level of insulin gets increased when one person is consuming too much caffeinated drinks and alcohol, and smoke a lot in the same time. This leads to increase of the blood sugar levels, which are speeding the accumulation of fat. If the receptors are blocked, then insulin resistance occurs. The same leads to high level of blood sugar and triglycerides.

Following are tips how to clean the insulin receptors:

– take one glass of water mixed with one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with every meat that you are consuming;

– every morning, drink warm water mixed with lemon juice on empty stomach, instead of drinking coffee first;

– instead of adding sugar to your drinks, use Stevia. The Stevia is a natural herb that does not increase the level of blood sugar; and

– in order to improve your metabolism, add some bay leaves, cinnamon, or cloves to your meals.

  1. Leptin

The leptin is defined as the safety hormone. If it happens to be hungry quickly after your meal, that means that your receptors are clogged. If you continue consuming more fructose and less healthy ingredients, then the leptin issue will get just worst.

Following are tips how you may solve the leptin issues:

– avoid food rich with fructose;

– every morning, half an hour after waking up drink a plant-based protein shake; and

– in order to fight with the inflammation, consume black currant seed oil. In that way you will improve your metabolism, and get healthy nails, hair, and skin.

  1. Cortisol

The cortisol is defined as a stress hormone and the same is immediately activated once the person gets stressed. The same results with insomnia, body fat, inflammation, poor immunity, and sugar cravings. Believe it or not, but the scientist proved that the wireless devices also increase the production of cortisol.

Following are tips how to balance the work of the cortisol:

– every day drink one cup of coffee mixed with one tablespoon of coconut oil and vanilla;

– do yoga or meditate;

– do not watch TV or use wireless devices before going to bed;

– read a book when going to bed; and

– thyroid the hormones.

All these conditions may lead to tiredness, depression, hair loss, cold hands and feet, dry skin, or joint ache.

  1. Thyroid Receptors

Following are tips how you can clean your thyroid receptors:

– avoid food rich with gluten;

– instead of flour start using arrow-root or tapioca;

– start using coconut oil when cooking and baking. The same is rich with medium fatty acids that are improving the metabolism; and

– make evaluation tests and consult your doctor.

  1. Human Growth Hormone

The human growth hormone is usually related with strong bones and heathy heart. If a person intakes a lot of eggs, dairy, or meat the same may lead to body fat, depression, muscle mass loss, low libido, or anxiety.

Following are tips how to improve the human growth hormones:

– consume Montmorency tart cherriesas because the same is rich with melatonin;

– perform interval training in order to increase the level of your hormone up to 500%;

– avoid dairy products such as cheese, sour cream, eggs, and butter; and

– eat only organic meat and eggs, because they are not coming from animals that has been given a growth hormone.

  1. Detoxification

Weight gain may be caused by excess hormones, heavy metals, or leftovers from medicals. All you have to do is detox your organism if you want to get rid of all those harmful things.

Following are tips how you can detox your organism:

– soak your body inti a bath water in which you will have poured 2 cups of baking soda and 2 cups of sea salt. Then wrap yourself in a towel and do not take a shower in the next 4 hours. After 4 hours the shower will drive all the toxins to the skin’s surface;

– consume half of your body weight of water every day;

– drink cranberry water;

– start consuming chia seeds and flax seeds. Add around 2-4 tablespoons to your meals every day; and

– consume activated charcoal. The same will absorb all the toxins from your stomach.