‘I Took Squat Breaks At Work Every Day For A Month, And Here’s What Happened’

When we come to the point of my everyday training for strengthening, the same is consisted of doing crunches after finishing with my easy run, or dragging a fulfilled basket with groceries around the supermarket, because I have aversion towards pushing a cart. You cannot define me as a lazy person because I am quite active during the day. For instance, I ran a marathon fully this fall and I am doing my exercises regular on a day to day basis, even when I am not training for some race. The entire issue around my physical activities is that I prefer to change the type of workout. When the winter is in front of my door, I leave all the indoor physical activities behind me and start practising with the room sessions of Jullian Michaels. I can freely confirm that Michael’s exercises are my preferred one as an exchange of the gym workout.

The first time when I faced with runner’s knee issue I have learned my definition, and that is muscle weakness in my hips and glutes are the one responsible for my nagging pain. The pain that occurred seemed as the perfect reason to try some new exercise. The main question that followed was what if I start doing set of squats for bodyweight twice a day, from Monday until Friday, in a period of four weeks? I was afraid that the pain in my knees may get bigger, but in the same time I had a hope that these exercises maybe will remedy that pain. It was really important to me, after one month, to be able to bounce a quarter off my butt as Michael’s sessions were guiding me.

Finally, I have left my emotional crisis behind me and started to make a plan how to strength my desk-side. The plan that I have constructed is the following:

            – Week no. 1: perform 20 squats, two times a day;

            – Week no.2: perform 25 squats, two times a day;

            – Week no.3: perform 30 squats, 2 times a day; and

            – week no.4: perform 35 squats, two times a day.

During my regime, the reminder of my cell phone was set on 10:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Believe it or not I got addicted to my regime and here is what happened during the same.

  1. I have tried some new exercise combinations

The regular sumo squats and bodyweight squats were my regular exercises, but once I got my knees issues I was so afraid of practising that squats. After one week of doing the same squats with anxiety, I got bored and started searching for new moves that will refresh my everyday workout. After a great research done, I have learnt that the foot elevated split squats with a desk chair that is rolling are not the wisest thing to perform. It was the same with the pistol squats, which showed that were very difficult to be performed. Finally, just when I thought that the jump squats will be the most proper exercise for me, because they were super fun, I have concluded that the same are somehow awkward to be performed in the office because my colleagues were peering in me.

  1. I have discovered my weak spots

From the entire situation that I got in, I expected my quads and rear somehow start aching, but it turned the other way around – the squats awakened other muscle groups of my body. The sumo squats that I have performed showed me how inflexible and weak are my hip flexors and inner thighs. Every time when I was performing the sumo squads, the same were challenging my tights to go down in a parallel position with the floor, which was causing a comfortable pain in my hips that I could take it over. Contrary, I found the regular squats too easy for me. While performing the same only my calves, quads, and glutes were moving, and the same were conditioned well enough through the process of running.

  1. I have pushed myself to go to a lower position

If you think that my greatest anxiety during the entire office workout program was the fear of doing squats in my office while my colleagues were staring at me, you were wrong. The greatest fear was being seen how I am taking pictures of myself doing all those squads. Perhaps you are wondering how I performed that? The spare office chair, one shoe box, and my IPhones camera were helping me to do that. I you are wondering why I was doing all that shooting, here comes the explanation. I consider that if you are shooting yourself while exercising, or taking pictures of yourself it may have a great benefit on your consciousness and allows you to have a closer look at your form. It has the same effect as when you are making the exercises in front of a mirror when you are at the gym. My photos helped me to realize that I need to bend more while doing the squats. When I have corrected my wrong movement, greater benefits resulted from the squats.

  1. I have taken it one squat at a time

During the workout program I came up with a conclusion that performing 20 per break during the first week was not so beneficial, but doing 35 per break during the fourth week sure it was. In order to get more involved in the workout, I have split those 35 squads into smaller sets of single-leg squads. Another important thing that I have implemented was counting aloud but quietly while doing the squads. This was a very beneficial characteristic for my conciseness because prevented my mind of constant wandering and reminded me that every squat that I am performing is a great achievement for my body. Something as a to-do-list with check boxes, and each squad done was actually one more box checked.

  1. I strengthened my self-confidence and became stronger

As the fourth week was coming to its end, I have realized that I do not care so much about my body form. I have realized that the idea to go to the gym, and the performance of the squats made me extremely self-conscious, a fact that I have never thought of. Although the pain in my knees was still there, I consider that the same was a little bit lessen up, just because of the squats.

I bet that your greatest question is regarding the bounce of my butt. That was an experiment that I did not try and I am not sure whether I will try sometimes. But I can tell you for sure that at the end of my squat challenge, my back side turned firmer and stronger.