I Took Plank Breaks at Work Every Day for a Month, and This Is What Happened

Here is a story of Leah Wynalek who explained how she managed to make her work time more effective.

She usually ate her lunch at her desk, even she was aware that it’s not good for good health. However, outside of work, she was permanently on the move, running every morning and doing other physical activities. What concerned her was the time between 9 and 5, when she was notoriously desk-bound, except for the bathroom and coffee breaks.

When at her last job, a coworker suggested them to do twice daily “plank breaks” in the morning and afternoon to re-energize it was accepted by the majority. From the beginning they needed the reminder notifications, after the 3rd they that was necessary. They stayed in plank position for 1 minute twice a day, but Leah practiced even 30 seconds extra.

At the beginning, she felt super self-conscious.

She started working with a closed office door rather than in public, as she was paranoid that a co-worker would walk past and see that she is not behind her desk, so most of them would be curious what was going on. She even thinks about some answers to those interests that would be shown, however, nobody seemed to notice, or they simply accepted her personality.

She realized that every minute has a value.

The time planned for a plank seemed to be easy-peasy for her before she started, but she realized that she was over-confident. During the exercises, she found it very difficult as her core quaked, and the time was not passing as she thought. She even considered cutting her breaks to one minute, but she stayed on her track, continuing with that challenge.

Focusing on form—and learning how to mix things up were her final attitude.

From the beginning, she even didn’t know the proper position of plank, but her persistence was worthy and day after day she strived to improve. As the basic plank or forearm planks got boring day after day, so she modified things with side or raised leg planks.

She usually postponed …

Like postponing of her waking up in the morning, she found herself doing the same thing when was the time to perform the exercise.  Usually, the reason to delay of the plank break was to finish a task, or something else, but the most important were that she definitely was able to find the time to do it. Hat made her feel better afterwards.

She found a plank partner.

After many attempts to encourage somebody to join her, she finally succeeds to find a partner, which enhances her motivation and she wasn’t struggling through this alone.

She preferred cardio

She preferred some activities like running, biking sort, hiking, so this stationary pose often bored her. Sometimes, she did mountain climbers from plank pose when she was feeling impatient.

The results achieved – she felt re-energized and stronger.

After each plank break with a good stretch, she felt all that tension from the sitting. The jolt of energy she felt was surprising for her and it inspired her to move around more in other small ways. She is satisfied that her abs strengthened too.

Source: www.prevention.com