I Lost (and Kept Off) 70 Pounds by Doing These 3 Things

This is my story how I managed to lose 70 pounds. The greatest story that I am going to tell to my children is how I ran two marathons in two different countries in a period of only one week.

There come periods in life that are worth celebrating. For me, the day when I have graduated from college was something that remarked certain period of my life. Another epic thing that is worth mentioning was my first real job in New York, then moving out of my parent’s house, next paying the first rate bill on my own, etc. But if you are asking me which is the biggest accomplishment that I have ever done, that would be losing 70 pounds, for sure.

Everything started when I was at college. One night as I was doing the statistics homework, somehow the corner of my eye spotted the digital sale that was placed nearly under my bed. Until then I did not find myself thinking about the fact that maybe I am having a weight issue. Actually I was not skinny person, but the truth was that I did not want to see pictures of me, which somehow lead me to the fact that maybe I am facing with weigh issues.

The next thing I did was pulling the digital scale out and step on it. Those three seconds while I was waiting my weight to be shown on the small digital monitor felt as three hours. Finally, when I saw the numbers I got shocked. I could not realize how I got to that number on the scale. Believe it or not I was 204 pounds, and it was sure that I was not skinny girl, I was a girl facing with overweight.

My face got frozen and unconsciously I went to the dresser, took the school volleyball sweatshirt and put it on me. The next thing that I remember was putting my sneakers and running through the stairs.

I found myself sprinting on the road into the night, as fast as my legs were carrying me. After 30 seconds I collapsed on the grass and burst into tears. The number of the digital scale was constantly showing in front of my eyes over and over again. There was no doubt that I had to do something as faster as I could. I was aware that certain changes need to be don, because I could not continue living as that. That was the moment when I promised to myself that I will do something to change my life.

After seven years from that moment a lot of things has changed. First of all, I become a member of the Weight Watchers and I was visiting their weekly meetings regularly, sometimes even with my mother. I decided that I will focus on running and I did that. Believe it or not during the first year I even completed my first half-marathon. I run the next marathon completely and another one and another one. I got crazy enough that I have managed to run two full marathons at two different countries only within 6 days. That was something that the old me would not do or sure.

As a young lady in my late 20s I have realized that running a healthy lifestyle is not a daily routine, but a daily commitment.

Following are the three greatest lessons that I have learnt during my weight-loss journey.

  1. Never Completely Eliminate Anything

Almost all the diets that are undertaken by great number of people who are struggling with overweigh have one thing in common: you have to give up of something. The truth is that the more you are eliminating the foods, the more they will make you to want them. For me the guilt that these unhealthy foods may bring to me made me so difficult to manage with them. Instead of dividing the food on good and bad I did something else: I have learned about proper portion sizes. I know that is not easy at all to finish eating the ice cream when you have half-more cup to go, but that method made me to appreciate and enjoy in every bite of the food.

  1. Find an Activity That Will Make You Happy

I could not tell you how many times I went to the campus pool and spent minutes and minutes looking at the same, without feeling any attraction to get into to water as all the people there and start swimming. To be honest I hated gyms too. So in that period there was not a single activity that was attracting me and made me addicted to it.

Then I have started running outside. To be honest, at the beginning I did not love so much. At that period, I was working in a summer camp that did not have any fitness equipment, so the running was the only option that was left to me. Every morning I was waking up, going to run for one mile, and then stating with the other daily activities. As the time passes, that one mile turned into two miles, and believe it or not I have managed to run up to 5 miles.

Unconsciously the running became my release. The same was fulfilling me and making me happy person. Overall, if you do not love something you do then you would not keep it up with that thing for a longer period of time. The point is to find some physical activity that will make you to get addicted to it. You do not have to be the best in that activity, but being in love with it is enough.

  1. Find or Create a Solid Support System

It is quite normal to feel demotivated in the early morning workout class and not having willingness to perform anything at all. The most important thing is that you will surround yourself with friends that will support all your personal health goals and keep you motivated every time when you are feeling down. If your best friend does not want to perform crush sprints on the treadmill next to you, it does not mean that she is not understanding that that workout is part of your life and it is from great importance for you.

Source: www.popsugar.com