‘I Lost 70 Pounds Without Giving Up Carbs Or Joining A Gym’

The extra weight on my body was the greatest problem since I know about myself. It is not that I have not tried with everything, including diets that showed having a yo-yo effect, suggestions and regimes that I followed from Weight Watchers to Paleo and South Beach. The most irritating condition was following a certain diet, lose around 10 pounds, and end up returning all the pounds that I have lost, and sometimes gaining even more. I considered every diet as my saviour, but the truth was that each of the diets that I was following were killing my self-confidence. The saddest thing was that I was so exhausted of all that diets that I did not have enough energy to combine the diet with certain exercises. As a result of that, the depression got over me and I hated seeing my body as it was.

  1. The Change

When I took the last picture of my fat body, which was in August 2014, I was so tired of following strict diets, because I had feeling as I went through each possible diet. Shortly before that I decided to be a raw vegan, which was not a good idea, because the same resulted with gaining more weight. That was the moment when I have decided that I am done with every possible diet and start eating what I wanted and when I wanted. The last thing that I want it to try was the plant-based idea, but before taking that I have promised to myself that I need to move my body and start exercising every day.

  1. The Food

When I have decided to turn into a raw vegan I followed the myth that I can eat as much as I want, whenever I want, until the food that I am consuming is healthy. So sometimes it was happening to have a smoothie made out of 10 bananas for breakfast. My lunch was consisted again of some smoothie or a huge portion of fruits. The dinner was strictly of potatoes. I was consuming around 2000 to 3000 calories daily and my energy levels were going up and down constantly.

For that reason, I have decided to consume 500 calories during the breakfast, which was consisted of a dish full of hash browns with some vegetables as mushrooms, onions, and peppers. The lunch was consisted of cup of rice with a lot of greens, a cup of beans, and sometimes an avocado and salsa. The lunch dish was something familiar to a burrito bowl. Regarding the dinner, I did not give up upon the potatoes, so the same was consisted of some salad with a few small potatoes. Instead of having a bowl full with fruit or fruit smoothie for breakfast, I was eating a banana or apple as a snack. One very important thing about my regime was that I was never reducing the carbs that I was consuming. I have tried to enter as much as I can carb because the same helped me to stay energized and full. Following this regime of mine during a period of 6 months helped me to lose 40 pounds, believe it or not.

Before turning onto this regime, I was very depressed and I was healing my depression through a lot of smoking and drinking. When I have started with this program I quitted smoking and abstained from alcohol for almost a year. Now it happens to drink a glass or two of certain alcohol once monthly. The thing is that you cannot quit of everything during your diet. In order to run a normal life, you can allow to have a drink or two if you are going out during the weekend. If you are cutting everything that will kill your everyday life. For instance, me and my husband are going to a vegan restaurant once a week, so that is the only time during the week when I can eat anything oil-based or processed. Things as that, although not very important for somebody, helped me to stay on the track and never felt deprived.

3. The Workouts

Three years ago, when I have decided that I cannot focus only on diet and need to start practising, I bought myself a FitBit. During that period, I had a job that was seeking from me to run around all day long and to lift boxes, so what tended to do was to measure how many steps I was performing while I was at work. For that reason, I set a target for myself of 10,000 steps per day. This was an exercise that I forced myself to perform every day. Additionally, I was doing another exercises for an hour for times a week. The type of exercises I was going to perform depended on my daily mood. Sometimes I was riding a bike for 10-miles, sometimes I was doing yoga, and there were days when I was performing calisthenics exercises. To be noticed, I did all of these exercises without going to the gym ever.

4. Sticking with It

The most important thing about me is that I was motivated during this regime and I was respecting the commitment that I gave to myself that I will eat food and practise exercises that I love. This was not something temporary to me, this was my new healthy lifestyle.

It could not be said that I never felt disappointed. During the last two years I was not losing weight so quickly I thought that I would use. The first six months I have lost the most pounds, 40 pounds, but the next two years I did not process of slimming did not go so easy. When I mapped out, I realize that during that period I was losing only half a pound each month. Most of the people, even I, consider that the first six months they will lose great amount of pounds and then everything will be perfect. The thing is that the weight losing is a process, takes time, and seeks for a lifestyle shift. It is a common rule that if you lose your weight very quickly and easy than the pounds that you have lost will be returned, after finishing with the diet, sometimes even doubled. The greatest thing about me is that I found a way to change my entire life and adapt the same in order to become the person that I wanted to be.

5. The Reward

The attempt that I took changed my life completely. Today I have 5 books published and a YouTube channel with over 300,000 subscribers on it. Through my YouTube channel I am trying to help my subscribers to go through the same issues that I was dealing with. Sometimes they are struggling with motivation and sometimes with meal plans. I also upload a lot of video through which I am helping them to have a deeper insight into my personal journey regarding how I succeeded loosing so much weight, as well what I am eating and exercising every day. Today I could not be happier than this, because I am helping my followers to go through their issues with presentation of my life story.

Source: www.womenshealthmag.com