I Did a 2-Minute Plank Every Day For 2 Weeks — Here’s What Happened

Back in the late 2000s, when I was at college, there was this crazy thing if I could title it as challenge, that was quite fun and everyone around me was undertaking it. It has supposed to be a plank challenge, but all that we were doing was laying down with the face towards the ground, stiff as board, while someone was taking photos of us while we were at that body position.

This plank challenge that I have decided to undertake nowadays, was not fun at all. It was quite exhausting, but it was worthy. The challenge was consisted of performing a two-minute plank every day for a period of 14 days. My intention was to see the physical and mental differences that I am going to face with before and after the challenge. Definitely I want it to tone my abdominal muscles, but the greatest intention of the challenge was not that, it was setting certain goals.

Following are some things that you need to expect if you decide to undertake a plank challenge.

  1. You Can Make It Your Own

The greatest tip that I can give you regarding challenges is that you can customize them according to your body. For instance, I did mine to last for two minutes because I know my limit and I felt that I could perform that every day. The negative thing was that after the two-minutes plank I could not complete other workouts.

Another important thing that you need to do is to pick up a position that will be challenging enough for your body, but in the same time fits your body and prevents the same from injuries or discomfort. For instance, when I have started with the challenge I began with high plank, but after several days I considered that those planks were not challenging enough for my body and that is why I switched them with elbow planks. After that change I noticed how my muscles started shaking.

  1. It Would Not Get Easier

If you expect that doing two-minutes plank everyday will be a piece of cake for you, then do not even starting with this challenge. For instance, the fourth day of the challenge is as challenging as the tenth day, believe it or not. So do not expect your challenge to get easier as the same is coming to its end; it will get much harder. That is why it is a challenge.

  1. You Will Get Stronger in Other Exercises

This challenge thought me to start appreciating my abdominal activation while performing other workouts. Suddenly I became so aware of my core and how to use I every time when I was doing Soul Cycle or strength training. The plank challenge allowed me to form a stronger core base which was quite beneficial for the other workouts that I have started performing after finishing with the challenge.

  1. Set an Alarm

This challenge made me to start setting an alarm in order to keep myself consistent. This ensured me that I was performing the challenge every day and was about to achieve the small goal that I have set to myself.

  1. Two Minutes is Much More Than You Think

The challenge thought me that every minute of your day may be used for something powerful. Every night when going to bed you need to reconstruct the day that passed asking yourself on what you have wasted you time today. You may not believe, but only one minute spend on something that does not serve you may have a negative influence on your physical or emotional energy. Thus, in order to serve to your body, you will need to channel all your minutes of the day to something that later will have a beneficial effect upon you.

  1. Lear the Importance of Setting Small Goals

If you are among those type of people who are setting big goals and later struggling to achieve them, then this challenge will definitely learn you to have an overlook on the value of the small goals. The challenge will teach you that you should not underestimate the power of the small goals, especially if those small goals are adding something beneficial to your everyday routine. If you can add two-minutes of plank every day, then ask yourself what else you may add to your day too? How about two-minutes of meditation every day or one extra strength-training move? Do not get afraid and do it.

This article just reminded me of my recent conversation with Lateral Mitchell, a well-known Revenge Body start and personal trainer, who gave me the best advice saying that I need to set realistic goals in order to limit myself. Believe me that this is true. I have started to wake up earlier and I had enough time even to eat breakfast. Practising this for a period of one week it became my routine and influenced me to lose some extra weight.

Source: www.popsugar.com