How to Perk Up Your Booty in 3 Weeks

You decided to perk up your booty in no time as you want to power-up glutes. By doing that it will better run and protect against knee and back pain. As the sculpting this area is no easy, you should find the proper workout and follow the certain program of diet.

Fortunately, we found it useful to present moves from Courtney Paul, CPX creator and star of Bravo’s Work Out New York.

Performing 3 sets of 60-second intervals per side for each exercise, will make a stronger, tighter seat in just about 3 weeks.

  1. Squat to double pulse lunge

This move strengthens and lifts your booty.


–           Starting position – standing with feet shoulder-width apart;

–           Lowering hips come parallel to the floor (A). In that pose push up through the heels.

–           Returning to standing position, step left foot back, coming down into a lunge (B);

–           Hold that position for 2 seconds, then pulse twice.

–           Return to starting position.

Make it more challenging: Hold 10- to 15-pound weights.

  1. Cross lunge to squat

This exercise is very effective for your lower glutes.


–           Starting position – in standing position, cross right leg behind left and lower into a curtsy on ball of the left foot (A),

–           Push up through left heel to standing position;

–           Drop into a squat (B).

–           Return to starting position.

Make it more challenging: do a jump squat instead of a regular squat or add 10- to 15-pound weights

  1. Pelvic thrust

It targets your bottom.


–           Starting position – Lie face up with your feet hands on hips and shoulder-width apart on a bench (A).

–           Pushing through the heels, drive pelvis up (B).

–           Holding at the top squeeze glutes for 2 seconds.

–           Counting 5- to 10-second lower your body down, stopping about an inch above the floor.

Make it more challenging: Add a 10- to 15-pound weight on the pelvis.