How To Make Your Own Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Twix, Snickers And Bounty Bars

The chocolate is a food that none can resist and rarely any parson that does not want a chocolate. Different people prefer different chocolate brands, different flavours, and even different shapes.

  1. Statistics About the Chocolate

Brandon Gaille who is an expert in the chocolate industry shares some interesting numbers regarding the sale of the chocolate. He explains that chocolate sales figure is around $83 billion per year. Around half of all chocolate sales are happening in Europe, while only 20% in U.S.

Another interesting fact that was received by one study that was implemented recently is that women enjoy in the chocolate more than the men i.e. 91% of women enjoys eating chocolate, while only 87% of the men reported the same feeling.

Another characteristic of the chocolate is that the same is considered as the best gift for Valentine’s day. On that day around $400 million worth of chocolate is sold.

Despite all those lovely facts about the chocolate, great is the number of experts who are alarming that the chocolate has serious disadvantages upon human’s body.

  1. Chocolate Nutrition

For the needs of today’s article, we will focus upon three chocolate brands that are well-known among the people world-wide and are considered as favourite ones among the majority of the population. Those are Snickers, Bounty, and Twix.

Later you will be introduced to some healthier modifications of these chocolates that you may prepare at home, on your own. The healthier versions of these chocolates are much more beneficial for your organism and provide greater nutrients to your body and brain.

  1. Chocolate Nutritional Facts

– Bounty Bar

This chocolate is manufactured by Mars Inc. One chocolate bar of 29 grams of this chocolate contains 135 calories. The same inside has 28mg of sodium, 14g of sugars, 18g of carbs, 3mg of cholesterol, and 7g of total fats. Despite this unhealthy ingredients, the Bounty Bar contains something healthy too, such as iron, calcium, and protein.

– Twix

One serving of this chocolate contains 12g of fat, 100mg of sodium, 5mg of cholesterol, and 34g of carbs. Around 24g is considered to be sugar content and 1g goes for the dietary fibre.

– Snickers

One serving on Snickers contains 12g of fat, 120mg of sodium, 5mg of cholesterol, 27g of sugars, and 1g of dietary fibres.

Although all three types of chocolate contain small amount of iron, calcium, and protein, the other ingredients that are part of these chocolates are considered to be quite harmful for one’s organism. If you decide to lose some extra weight, then saying goodbye to these type of chocolates is something that you will must do.

  1. How Sugar Affects Our Body

Although the data that is written on each package of these chocolates only announces the total amount of the sugar content value, the laboratory researches are saying something else. The scientific reports announce that all these chocolate bars are usually containing fructose, sucrose, and glucose sugars. Another interesting fact is the presence of lactose that is noticed. This lactose is derived from the milk during the chocolate process.

Latest researches shown that the sucrose has negative effect upon human’s body and the same leads to weight gain, mood swings, tooth decay, and very negative effects upon the insulin. The same negative effects can be said for the fructose too. For instance, the fructose is the one that is responsible for the increased levels of the uric acid levels in the blood, the same causes fat deposition in the liver, and insulin resistance. The insulin resistance is the one that leads to sugar addiction.

  1. Healthy Home-Made Chocolate Bars

So far we have learned that the chocolate bars as Twix, Snickers, and Bounty are quite harmful for our organism. For that reason, today’s article will present to you three delicious recipes that are sort of healthy modifications of the previously mentioned chocolates. These organic alternatives will bring certain benefits to your body and health in terms of:

– enrich your body with zinc, magnesium, copper, vitamins, fibres, essential fats, and proteins. If you are wondering where all these healthy ingredients are coming from, the raw organic cocoa powder is the answer;

– help you to burn your calories and to control your appetite. These benefits will be gained through the consummation of the virgin coconut oil that is used in the process of preparation of these healthy chocolates. It is considered that this oils improves the brain function and the cholesterol levels too.

  1. Healthy Home-Made Snickers Recipe

The ingredients that are used for this chocolate are all-natural and does not contain any artificial ingredients that may be found in the Snickers that you are buying at the supermarket. The same is gluten-free and does not have any dairy. The time needed for preparation of this chocolate is around 10 minutes and the ingredients are enough to be prepared 8 full-sized chocolate bars.

The ingredients needed for the chocolate part are:

– 1 cup of virgin coconut oil;

– ½ cup of organic cocoa powder; and

– ¼ cup of organic maple syrup.

The ingredients needed for the caramel part are:

– 1 cup of pre-soaked and pitted Medjool dates;

– 3 tablespoons of agave nectar;

– 2 tablespoons of almond butter;

– ½ teaspoons of sea salt;

– 1 cup of raw peanuts;

– 1 and ½ teaspoon of vanilla extract; and

– 2 tablespoons of coconut oil.

In order to prepare the chocolate bars, you will need to add all the ingredients needed for the chocolate part into a food processor. Then blend the mixture until the same turns into a smooth content, and put it side. Then put all the ingredients needed for the caramel part into the food processor and blend them until the mixture turns into a smooth one. Take a silicone mold and put some of the chocolate mixture on the sides of the mold. Make sure that the coating is fairly thick. Then you may add a layer of caramel and put some raw peanuts on the top of the caramel. For the end, add some chocolate layer on the top and put the mold into the freeze. Let it there for around one hour.

  1. Paleo Bounty Bar Recipe

The ingredients that are used in this recipe are a mixture of organic ones. This chocolate does not contain any dairy and believe it or not tastes much better than the Bounty that you are buying at the supermarket.

The ingredients needed for the chocolate part are:

– ¼ cup of melted coconut oil;

– 1 tablespoon of honey; and

– ¼ cup of organic cocoa powder.

The ingredients needed for the filling are:

– 1 and ½ cup of unsweetened and shredded coconut;

– ¼ cup of coconut cream;

– ¼ cup of coconut full-fat milk; and

– 2 tablespoons of honey.

First you will need to prepare the filling and then dip the same into the chocolate. Put all the ingredients needed for the filling into a blender and mix them. Stop before the content becomes too smooth. Then make some rectangular shapes of the filling on a baking sheet. Make sure that you will press the forms firmly and then you may put them into the freezer. Let them stay there for around one hour. Before you take the rectangles out of the freeze, add the chocolate ingredients in a pot. The pot should be on a low heat. Mix the ingredients until the same get combined. Once you will do that, remove the pot from the heat and let the content to dry a little bit. Then you may put the rectangles into the chocolate, start to roll them until the rectangles get completely covered in chocolate. Then return them on the baking sheet. Put them into the freeze for additional 10 minutes and then enjoy in them.

  1. Home-Made Twix Bars Recipe

The Twix bars are a little bit more complicated for preparation compared with the Bounty and Snickers, but they are so tasteful that the recipe is worth a try. The home-made Twix are ideal for those who are running a paleo diet and they are gluten-free.

The ingredients needed for the chocolate part are:

– ¼ cup of melted coconut oil;

– ¼ cup of organic cocoa powder;

– ½ teaspoons of flaky sea salt; and

– 2 tablespoons of natural maple syrup.

The ingredients needed for the caramel feeling are:

– ½ cup of almond butter;

– 1/3 cup of organic maple syrup;

– 1/3 melted coconut oil;

– 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract; and

– ¼ teaspoons of kosher salt.

The ingredients needed for the crust are:

– 2/3 cup of coconut flour;

– ¼ teaspoon of kosher salt;

– 1/3 cup of solid coconut oil; and

– 3 tablespoons of organic maple syrup.

First prepare the crust, because the same needs to be baked into the oven. Preheat the oven to around 350 °F. Take a pan with dimensions eight by eight inches and grease the same with some coconut oil. In a bowl mix the salt and the coconut flour. Add the maple syrup to this mixture and then do the same with the coconut oil. Make a large ball of the mixture and press the same into the pan. Put the pan into the oven and bake the content for around 10 minutes. Once the edges of the content turned brown take out the pan of the oven.

Regarding the caramel filling, put all the ingredients needed for the caramel filling into a saucepan. Put the sauce pan on a low hit and mix the content. Once all of the ingredients get properly combined, pour the mixture over the crust, and put it in the freezer. While this content is in the freezer, mix all the ingredients needed for the chocolate into a pan and mix then together. Once the content in the freeze is set, pour the chocolate over the content and return the pan into the freeze. After a short period of time check if the Twix bar has cooled down. If so, slice them and enjoy.

  1. Conclusion

People are spending great amount of money on chocolates without asking themselves how much healthy ingredients all those chocolates contain. Start becoming aware of the unhealthy contents of the chocolates that you are buying at the supermarkets and start preparing healthy modifications of your favourite chocolates at home. Only as that you will know that you are not consuming harmful ingredients into your body.

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