How To Get Your Hormones Into ‘Weight-Loss’ Mode And To Melt Away Fat

The responsibility of hormones in the human body is to control how it is functioning. The main male’s hormone is testosterone, while in females are estrogen, and the, but there are also many other hormones, everyone with a specific task.

For this reason, if you permanently pay an attention at your hormones, you will enhance your health, too.

The stress the hunger and the weight loss are controlled by insulin cortisol and leptin hormones. The word insulin can be met every day, especially if somebody is talking about diabetes because insulin determines the level of blood sugar, which is used for immediate energy or stored as fat.

The levels of insulin in the body depend on the food you eat and the time when you eat. For instance, if you consumption high amount of carbohydrates in your body, it limited the insulin absorption. In order to make a balance, in such cases, some changes in your lifestyle, should be made immediately. When speaking about your diet you should be focusing on eating small portions of vegetables, lean meats, and high-fiber grains every 2-3 hours, and also eliminate the consumption of white bread, white sugar, white pasta, and processed foods from your diet.

Besides, the metabolism and the balance between salt and water, cortisol (stress hormone) controls, also blood sugar. It is navigating your body to store the fat around the vital organs when you are under stress, as it is trying to “protect” them. It usually causes releasing of dangerous fatty acids into the blood, which increases the cholesterol and the level of insulin.

For this reason, keeping the normal level of cortisol is very important, and you can achieve it if you eat slowly, reduce the intake of caffeine, walk during your lunch break and sleep enough every day.

Leptin (hunger hormone) affects the obesity and body fat. It is released by the fat cells and can affect the time of your body that requires feeling satiated.

In order to keep the normal level of leptin in your body, you should completely eliminate processed foods and sugary, to do high-intensity interval training and to sleep enough.

So, don’t forget to pay attention to your hormones!