How Jennifer Lopez Stays in Shape With 48 Years of Age

For many of you, Jennifer Lopez is a perfect example how to stay forever in shape. She is a celebrity that is a famous between men and women, but many women are even jealous of her sexy look.

You can notice her toned abs, butt, legs, and arms and how they look perfect. Most of you are curious about the measures that she has been taken to stay in that perfect shape. Maybe some of you think that she didn’t have any hard work through her life.

The true is that she put a lot of hard work, sweat and dedication to be one of the most famous singers and actors in the world.

Looking her busy life, you’ll probably ask yourself how she’s managed to be everywhere and still make time to work out and look awesome. The simple answer is hard work and strict diet.

Here is her regime:

No Processed Food

Her diet is based on organic foods. She is a typical person whose goal is an active and healthy life. In her usual meals, she includes salmon, peppers and veggies like broccoli and zucchini topped with vinaigrette. Occasionally for the lunch, she is eating kale, toasted pumpkin seeds and crumbled queso.

For dinner, she is eating foods packed with proteins.

Smart Snacking

Having in mind that her schedule is tight, many times she could go hungry and wasn’t able to eat something good. However, instead of some unhealthy snacks, she always has a healthy snack with her, such fruits and vegetables.

Chocolate Chips in the Mix

Her weakness dough is the chocolate chips, so she is continuing to enjoy chocolate chip ice cream and chocolate chip cookies.


The secret why she looks perfect are the exercises she does. For this purpose, she hired two personal fitness instructors, which is not affordable for everyone, but all of you can do something similar.

Her priorities in exercising are freestyle fitness program, push-ups, planks, and boxing. Thanks to the tempo and efforts she’s done, her body looks like this.

Beautiful skin

The secret to her beautiful skin belongs to using a lot of sunscreens, not exposing in sun.

In addition, she skips alcohol and caffeine, as it affects the skin with aging.

Avoiding cravings

She’s fully incorporated proteins in her diet, as it fills her up and keeps her full longer.

Usually, her first meal is a protein shake along with berries, yogurt and honey.

Many people think that nice looking belongs only to the famous people, which is totally wrong. When the famous people like J-Lo can do it, everyone can do it too, by making similar or bigger effort.