How I Shrunk My Waist and Built My Own Curves in Just 4 Months

When analysing my body, the dream of the same was to have a toned body and to become curvy one day.

I am a very short person, around 5’ and 1”, with a large waist and broad shoulders, and the most important I have an athletic body construction. It is not something that is bad or worse, but it a body build that may be problematic when my dream of building my own curves comes to question. To be honest, I could never imagine having curves as the ladies that are put on the billboards or the cover pages of the magazines. Nevertheless, I decided to try and to see if it is possible to achieve some body shape as theirs.

  1. Before The Challenge

I was following many people on Instagram that were suggesting that the weightlifting sessions are the quick and the most effective way when shedding fatness, building lean muscles, and accentuating body curves come to question. Nevertheless, I was kind of suspicious of all those suggestions, so I have decided to look for a fitness expert who will give an idea what is the right thing. For that reason, I have contacted Dee Gautham who is a NPC bikini competitor and NASM certified personal trainer.

It turned that, weightlifting was really the one thing that had to go for. Although most of the population considers weightlifting as a traditional masculine movement, I can guarantee the other way around – me, personally made me feel more feminine than ever before. Through the weightlifting, muscles get so strengthen that your body gets new, amazing, feminine definition. The ultimate result of training with weights is getting sexy muscle curves and it is really worthy to go for that attempt.

Once I have figured out that weightlifting was the proper exercise for me in the process of curving mu body, I have dedicated myself to a strict weightlifting program in the next four months. Three sessions during one week were dedicated to weightlifting for my lower body which included deadlifts, hip thrusts, and squats. The other three sessions of the week were dedicated to weightlifting of my upper body which included: one day for shoulders, another day for triceps and chest, and the last day for biceps and back. You need to bear in mind that these regime is time consuming, it seeks serious time to be spent at the gym, and looks for great effort too. The good thing is that I have enough time to get dedicated to my exercises. I must say that I restricted my cardio exercises to three or four times a week so I can spend more time doing weightlifting so that I can gain muscles.

At the end of the fourth week I realized that my muscles really started to get strengthen. The differences could be noticed not only at my butt, but also at my waist which became smaller. There was a difference at my shoulders and upper back too. The same got toned up so that was the reason why my waist looks smaller. I took picture of myself and the end of the fourth week and compared the same with the picture taken at the beginning of the regime, and I can say for sure that the difference was amazing. I could not believe to my eyes how far I have come.

  1. After

When starting with this regime, diet changes had to be done too. So I have started eating more calories, instead of starving, as most people think that they need to do while doing exercises. Also, the amount of the complex carbs and proteins that I was consuming on a daily basis were increased too. The reason for this is because the muscles are in a constant need of protein so that they can get stronger. The complex carbs are needed by the entire body so that after each training session the body has enough energy to recover and to get through the session that follows. So I have started to eat more than I used to eat before the start of this regime.

At this point I was and I am still entering more than 2000 calories daily. Most important is that I have stared with intermittent fasting which is from great importance when gain muscles and building curves come to question. I was eating all my food between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., and all because of my digestive issues. It is interesting how quickly I got rid of my stomach bloating and discomfort when stopped eating after 4 p.m. The next morning when I was waking up I felt so clear and energized so I was doing my training flawlessly. During the weekends I was not respecting the eating window strictly, because I did not want to quit my social life in fullness. Another plus is that the crazy-early walking to the train during the weekends is excluded.

I could not describe how fitter, healthier, and stronger I was feeling. It is funny how the ‘masculine’ weightlifting helped me to feel more feminine than ever before and made my clothes to look differently on me in this shape. I was so in love with my new body shape.

Another thing that women forget when practising weightlifting is that you cannot focus the weightlifts on your down part body and forget about your upper body. It is very important to dedicate equally to the upper body muscles and you will be amazed how beautiful and feminine definition you will get from your shoulders and upper back.

I strongly suggest to try the chest dips, bench presses, shoulder presses, lateral raises, and assisted pull ups, since all of these are my favourite ones. Do not be afraid that these exercises will make your upper body part looks masculine. On the contrary the same will help your waist to look smaller and slimmer.

If you are chasing the dream of building your own curves, do not be afraid to go with the weightlifting. You do not have to force your body to go through so strict regime as mine, you can do three strength training sessions weekly, which is quite enough to remove your fat and build lean muscle. Try it and no not give up!