Hip Flexor Stretch – Flattens Belly and Elongates Muscles

If you are spending many hours at your desk, or your work seeks a lot of driving, or you have faced with certain stress then it is understandable to struggle with tightened hip flexors.
The abdominals and the hip flexors are considered to be your best friends regarding the body zones, so that is why it is from great importance to stretch these zone very frequently in order not to face with certain pains.

Following is a video in which the famous American’s leading healthy lifestyle expert, Danette May, is giving a full workout for hip flexor stretch which will not only release your tightened hip flexors, but the same will help you to flat your belly and elongate your muscles.

Pay attention to the video and perform each move of the workout correctly in order effective ultimate results to be achieved.

 Source: danettemay.com