Here’s How to Get a V Cut – 4 KILLER Abs Exercises

We are going to present you some exercises and zealous dieting that will help you get the V cut of your dreams.


These exercises are meant for strengthening and defining your lower abs, and also for reducing the pain in the lower back.

  1. Lying leg raises (do 4 sets of 15 repetitions)

Perform this exercise with slow and smooth movements. For better results you can hold weight between the feet.

  1. Hanging leg raises (do 4 sets of 15 repetitions)

Keep your legs straight and perform this exercise with slow movements. If you want, you can add some weight between your legs.

  1. Reverse crunches (do 4 sets of 15 repetitions)

Add some difficulty to this exercise by taking a dumbbell between your feet.

  1. Abs V hold ( do 4 sets of 1 minute hold)

This exercise is very demanding and you should do at the end of the routine. Lift yourself to a position where your body forms a V. Stay in this position for 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

How you can develop balanced core?

  • Do side crunches to target the obliques and central abdominal muscles
  • Do hip bridges to strengthen your lower back
  • Do lunges to target your thighs, gluts, back and hips
  • Improve your overall core strength, flexibility and balance with yoga poses

How you can reduce the body fat?

  • Healthy diet

It is very important to back up your exercise with healthy diet! The V cut abs will really show when they aren’t covered with fat. That’s why you need to:

  • Avoid foods that contain a lot of sugars and fat
  • Consume lean protein
  • Provide the required nutrient by consuming more fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Reduce, but don’t eliminate the carbohydrates

Also, you mustn’t starve yourself! If you do, you will feel tired and irritated, and you won’t have the energy for doing the exercises.

  • Add some cardio exercises

Do some jogging, cycling, swimming or hiking if you want to achieve better results. You won’t need any special equipment or financial investment.

  • Consume a lot of water

Drink at least 2 liters of water every day. This way you will stay hydrated and eliminate all the toxins from your body.

  • Take on resistance training

Body weight workouts can be helpful for improving your form and losing weight, ensuring a reduction of muscle loss. It is very important to prepare your body, so don’t start with high-weight exercise immediately.

  • Become more active during the day

Workout, eat healthy and increase your daily activities, and your body will be thankful!

  • Be patient and determined

Keep in mind that it takes some time and a lot of work to achieve those V cut abs!