Here’s Exactly How Much to Walk Every Day If You Want to Lose Weight

Some of the workouts can be complicated— as they include type varying spin studios, yoga class available, fitness machines galore or dance cardio. However, you shouldn’t go to the complicated ones, as every physical activity still translates into fat burning.

Many of you want a more simplified approach and prefer to walk, so we offer you a few tips to help you make sure you’re getting enough activity to feel different in your clothes or decrease the needle on the scale.

How many calories you’ll burn Every Hour?

According to the experts the average person (around 154 pounds) burns about 280 calories, hourly, walking at least 3.5 miles per hour.  In addition, if you also lower your calorie consumption (about 220 calories a day) you’ll need about 60 minutes of walking at a moderate intensity level to burn even more than 280 calories. It will result in losing about a pound a week.

The Calorie Intake

For those of you whose main focus is on your workout routine with the low-intensity walking, your nutrition will have to be satisfying for you if you want to lose weight, explains Hannah Davis C.S.C.S, (Women’s Health). She stated that even when the activity is increasing, the decreasing of the calorie intake is crucial.

By staying on your diet, you need to shed about 500 extra calories a day to lose a pound in one week, which is equal to forty-five minutes of walking. So, remember, by cutting your calories, you’ll create a more effective lifestyle change, which will help you lose weight quicker.,

Break Up Your Walks

You don’t even need to walk at once, but make your workout more adaptable, for e.g. taking three 20-minute-long walks a day for approximately 14,000-15,000 total steps (which depends on your pace). For better control, you can use a fitness app on your phone or step tracker. That will help you to know exactly how far you’ve gone and how much further you need to go.

The Chances Are In Your Favor

According to many types of research, the people who walk at least 4 hours a week were 44% more likely to lose weight comparing with those who didn’t walk at all.

The most important to know at the beginning is that each step is taking you closer to your weight loss goals!