Here Is How A 70 Year Old Woman Who Went Sugar Free 28 Years Ago Looks Like Today…

Meet Carolyn Hartz, the woman who gave up sweets and sugar 30 years ago, after she was so addicted into all possible sweets.

Today her body look is so amazing that many of the girls that are younger than her are dreaming of body as is possessing. Hartz believes that the wish is not enough, you need to take the appropriate action in order to achieve what you have been always dreaming about. Today she is 70 years old and she is still not giving up, explaining that even today she is ready to undertake some new challenge and make a positive change for her life. Hartz could not understand all the women who are complaining that have already 50 years or more and think that it is not possible to maintain a reasonable body shape. She believes that if you want something very strong, then everything is possible and there is no space for complaining and blaming the age of the way how your body looks.

At the age of 70, Hartz understands that it is not the same to workout at the age of 40 and at the age of 70, but it is not impossible to undertake that attempt at all. As every organism gets older its metabolism gets slower, so it is from a great importance for every woman to have a control upon her body i.e. to adopt healthier choices and to work a little bit harder.

For Hartz the food it is from great importance. She explains that being aware what type of food you are consuming and the quantity of the same have a great influence upon the body of one woman. Staying mindful while you are consuming your portions maybe is the crucial point at this stage. The mindless eating is the one responsible for the unnecessary pounds at the body of one human. Hartz uses to give advices to her customers that every time they are eating to enjoy every mouthful, in order to remind them that overeating just leads to negative consequences.

Hartz her tips over healthy and toned body is basing upon healthy diet and one’s attitude. According to her one’s outlook may play a role from great importance when ages come to question.

She believes that the greatest beneficial change she has done in her life was the giving up upon sugar. She admits that during a period of 28 years she was so sugar addicted that she could not imagine her day without eating something sweet. In order to bring her life to a healthier stage she gave up of sugar and turned into a sugar-free person. Since then up till now she makes sure that is eating enough proteins with every portion, especially when breakfast comes to question. She is practising this method because the proteins stop the cravings.

Another tip that she is sharing is that if somebody could not give up of certain ingredient or food, as she with the sugar, then to stop exhausting his organism and to continue to consume that ingredient but in much smaller portions.

She confirms that sleeping plays enormous role in this healthy process too. Hartz is trying to sleep every night for 8 hours.

She is so addicted to meditation and gratitude and is pointing on these two things as the crucial one for incredible health. Believe it or not, but she is following the same skincare regime since she was 17-years old. Her skincare technique is consisted of never going to bed without cleaned face and removed make-up of her face. Every night she is moisturizing the skin around her neck and eyes. Every day during the year, despite is summer or winter, she is applying a sun-cream under her make-up, because she is so aware and scared in the same time of the negative effects that the sun has upon her skin. She is reminding herself every day that she was fighting with cancer on her nose when she was only 30-years old.

What keeps her motivated is her self-esteem and self-confidence. Hartz advises that it is very important not to compare yourself with other people. Each individual has its own traits and that is why we should never compare ourselves with other people. We just might get inspired by the others, be happy about their successes, and share the joyful moments with them. Never be negative or jealous because that will lead only to your depression.

Her advice to all those young people is to continue to be their own persons and to keep to their attitude, because the attitude is the most important life asset. Nobody is perfect and we need to accept that fact.

Regarding the women in their late years, she advises them not to pay attention to their age and if they want to do something to go for it, without considering age as limit.