HEARTBREAKING STORY: He Was So Embarrassed Of His Mother Without Knowing What She Did and Would Done For Him

The following story is among the most read ones these days on Internet. It may not be real, but really worth reading it. The same will break heart, definitely.

My mother was a woman without one eye. Unfortunately, I hated her because she had so terrifying appearance that was leading me to unpleasant situations most of the time. In order to give us a decent life, she was working as a cook at one school.

Going back to the days when I was a little child, I remember one day she came to the schools where I was studying just to visit me. I was shocked for a moment. I could not realize how she could do something as that. Deep inside of me I felt insulted and disgraced. I gave her a look full with despise and ignored her for a moment.

The next day most of my friends at school started mocking me how my mother has only one eye. I felt so small and embarrassed that literally I wanted to die. When I went back home I was so angry on my mother that I want it her to disappear from my life forever. The next day my anger was more intensive than the previous one so I said to her: “Why are you embarrassing me? Why don’t you just die and realise me from this agony?” She didn’t give me an answer, just stayed silent. I was so angry and irritated that I couldn’t see in her eyes how she was feeling. All I wanted to do is just leave that house and never come back, so that I would not see my mother again.

Next years I was studying hard and got a scholarship that gave me the chance to continue my education at another city. I have graduated, got married, bought a big house, and got beautiful children. I couldn’t describe how happy and satisfied I was from what I have achieved.

Suddenly, one day my mother came to visit me and her grandchildren. When I see how at the door my children started laughing at her. I have started yelling at her how she is scaring my children. I said to her: “How dare you tarrying my children? Get out of my house. I don’t want to see you again”. My mother didn’t react in a certain manner, she just stayed calm and replied: “I apologize, I guess I came to the wrong address”, and she just left, forever.

Years after, I received an invitation from my old school about celebrating anniversary of our prom. On the day of the celebration I was so curious to see what happened with our old house and just stop by to see it. The old neighbours recognized me even after so many years, and said to me that my mother passes away some time ago. I didn’t felt sad at all, I didn’t cry. One of the neighbours gave a letter that my mother left for me, in case I would return to our old house one day.

“My beloved one, you were on my mind most of the time. I apologize terrifying and scaring your children. I didn’t mean to. I was so happy to hear that you will come to the prom celebration, that you will come to your birth city after so many years. I am so sick and may not be able to get out of the bed. I apologize embarrassing you and lead you to so many unpleasant situations. I didn’t want you to suffer. I just want to you to know one thing: when you were a small child, something happened and the doctors said to me that you may continue living without one eye for the rest of your life. I couldn’t leave you without one eye, so that is why I gave you one of my eyes. I was so happy and proud that my beloved child will may see the world through his two eyes. I love you my son.


Your mother.”