Get Off the Treadmill! This 30-Minute Gym Sesh Actually Sculpts Your Butt

One of the most used ways of sculpting the booty is using the treadmill, however, for many people, the incline isn’t working properly. In order to maximize gym routine time and get desired backside, a personal trainer at Crunch Gym in San Francisco, Shannon McCourt created this 28-minute StairMaster routine. This is a proven Fat-Burner and Booty-Builder Workout, used by many famous people and celebs.

How it works:

–           Perform all exercises in order showed in a plan below

–           Repeat this circuit four times for a total of 28 minutes,

–           Take a brief rest or sip of water between each set.

–           Check out the video below, to see detailed instructions: HERE

TIME                SPEED  MOVE

0:00-1:00         5-10     Forward standard steps

1:00-2:00         5-10     Left-side cross steps

2:00-3:00         5-10     Right-side cross steps

3:00-4:00         5-10     Reverse steps

4:00-5:00         1-3       Skip a step with glute kickback

5:00-6:00         1-3       Left-side step with leg raise

6:00-7:00         1-3       Right-side step with leg raise

If you want to make it more challenging add ankles’ weights.