Four Scientists Explain What Sitting Too Long Does To Your Body

We are living in a modern era where the machines are doing most of the physical job for us. The last statistics show that more than 34 million Americans are having office job that is related with sitting for at least 8 hours. This means that half of the day they are spending into a sedentary position.

The latest studies gave ultimate results that were shocking, showing that one average person is spending more than a half of his hours in a sitting or inactive position. Here are not included only the working hours, but sitting in front of the TV or computer at home too.

It is well known that sitting for longer period of time during the day is the main cause of many health issues, including chronic back pain, poor body posture, obesity, heart diseases, and diabetes.

It is scientifically proven that sitting down most of your working hours may have a negative impact on your health. Following are the health issues that your body may face if you are spending most of your day into a sedentary position.

  1. Shoulder, Neck, and Brain Issues

Staying active most of the time means moving our body. When our body is moved there is a proper flow of the blood and the oxygen inside our body, which leads to a clear and healthy mind. If you are spending most of your day into a sitting position, it means that you are interrupting the blood and oxygen flow in your body and brain, which leads to unclear thinking and improper work of the brain. Additionally, sitting most of the time in front of the computer is causing only a neck deformation, especially at the cervical vertebrae. The neck deformation leads to additional health issues, such as shoulder and back muscle damage.

  1. Back Issues

As mentioned previously, the bad body posture is the main cause of the back pain. The back pain leads to disk damage and inflexible spines. Thus you will have to move your body from time to time in order the disks between the vertebrae in the spine to get contracted and expanded. Only as that you will allow proper flow of the blood and nutrients in your body. If you continue sitting during most of the day, then your disks will get compacted and uneven, which will lead to an appearance of a collagen around your tendons and ligaments.

  1. Muscle Degeneration

It is well known that when you are sitting for a longer period of time, you are not using your muscles at all. If you do not use your muscles, then you may develop a swayback of the natural arch of the spine. Additionally, you will face with reduced flexibility, especially in the area of your back and hips, which will lead your muscles at the hip flexor to turn into short and tense ones.

  1. Organs Deteriorations

Maybe you are aware of the fact that prolonged sitting is the main cause of most of the cardiovascular and heart diseases, but probably you did not know that the same may cause a colon cancer too. All these health issues are coming as a result of the overproduction of the insulin, which is causes because of the inactivity and poor blood flow in your body. So start moving because body movements are killing the cancerous cells and increase the level of antioxidants which are responsible for the elimination of the free radicals from the body. If you continue with your long sitting, the chances of increasing the level of the insulin in your body are greater, and increased insulin level leads to obesity, weight gain, and diabetes.

  1. Leg Disorders

The circulation in your legs will get hinder if you are sitting most time of your day. This will cause appearance of varicose veins, harmful blood clots, and swollen ankles, which is quite painful. Additionally, your bones will get so weaker. In order to prevent your body from all of these condition, you have to perform certain physical activities, such as running or walking, in order to keep your bones thick and strong. It is scientifically proven that people who are watching TV more than one hour during a day had 61% increased risk of dying earlier in comparison to those people who are watching TV less than one hour each day.

  1. How to Prevent the Sitting and Inactivity Epidemics?

If your job requires your body to be in a sitting position most of the time, you must keep in mind that you need to sit with your back in a straight position. It is very important to remind yourself that you should not slouch or lean over your keyboard. One of the best advices is buying an exercise ball and replace the chare with it. As that you will maintain your body in a straight position and make small movements from time to time. If you think that the exercise ball is not stable enough for you, then you may get a backless stool.

Stretching is the second thing that you must do. No matter how much job you have, make sure that you are leaving the desk at every 30 minutes so that you can stretch your body. Get up and walk around your office for at least 2 minutes. Only as that you will maintain a proper blood flow in your organism, which will lead to proper function of your brain and muscles.

Last, but not the least, you may start doing an office yoga. As that you will be able to maintain your muscles flexible plus your mind will get relaxed. All you have to do is buying a standing work desk, which will force you to do all the job that you have into an upright position. This upright body position will minimize or completely reduce the formation of blood clots and will prevent your body from additional health issues.