Forget the 80/20 Rule! This Trainer Says to Follow the 90/10 Rule to Lose Weight…

If you seriously decided to lose your extra weight and getting in shape, you can follow the advice of the trainer Autumn Calabrese, creator of the 21 Day Fix Extreme fitness and nutrition programs.

Her key for success to lose weight is to be consistent. To be consistent with your workouts means, getting at least 30 minutes of exercise four to five days a week, she explained.

Making that as a habit you should choose four or five specific days of the week, and doing workout at the same time. You can compare this to the very important appointments you’ve made with yourself that cannot be skipped out on.

Expect the difficulties the first two to three weeks, but latter, that will be very easy to do (the same days and times each week).

Autumn also suggested to be consistent with your healthy eating. According to her opinion you shouldn’t be perfect all the time, but you should do best to be on top of it. The rule she recommends is the 90/10 rule.

For many people is very familiar the rule 80/20, but if you’re really trying to lose weight, then 90 percent of the time you need to be eating clean food in the proper portions, simply eating healthy food.

According to Autumn, one cheat meal once a week will be simulative, but not an entire cheat day. By doing these two things, work out and eat right consistently, you will lose weight and keep it off as many who already have followed this rule.