Flatten Your Stomach Faster and Easier – With Only 4 Simple Exercises –no Crunches

Many people are recommended to do crunches to get flat, tight and toned abs. In the practice it didn’t show the expected effects, in contrary, they are on the list of the least effective.  Fortunately, there are many other exercises that will help you to burn the fat easier and faster, and make you look as you desire.

With the next 4 effective exercises your goal will be achieved:

1.Abdominal twist

Target – the abdominal muscles and midsection muscles.

–              Starting position – Lying down on the floor, with your feet flat.

–              First, point your knees upwards in a position of crunches.

–              After, your upper part of the body is lifted in 45 degrees off the floor and rotated to the left side.

–              Then, return to the beginning position, and rotate again on the right side.

–              The legs can be raised off the floor or hold a dumbbell in the hand, so you can make the exercise more intense.

2.Scale pose

Target – tone the muscles and melt the excess fat from the belly

–              Starting position – sitting down with the crossed legs and palms beside the hips, facing down on the ground

–              First push your hands against floor, while exhaling, and using the core muscles lift your body off the floor

–              If that is difficult for you, just push against the floor, 10 – 15 seconds, to feel resistance

3.The swan dive

Target – the muscle group responsible for the back of the body and the core

–              Starting position- Lying on the stomach, with the stretched arms in front of you

–              First lift the upper part of your body and arms off the floor and stay in this position 10 – 15 seconds

–              To intensify the effort you can raise the legs too, in a fully straight position

4.“V” Pose

Target – core muscles

–              Starting position – sitting down with stretched legs in front

–              Lean backwards and raise the legs in order to create “V” shape

–              In this position, you should stay 10-15 seconds

To get better results from those exercises it is important to do them according to the routine schedule.

>> For abdominal twist – 4 sets

–              1st  set of 5 repetitions

–              2nd and 3rd  set of 8-10 repetitions

–              4th set as much as you can

–              Rest between sets for 30-40 seconds

For isometric exercises, the holding should be prolonged during the exercises. Each position should be held 10 – 15 seconds and break of 10 seconds. This procedure is repeated 4 times for each position.