“Fitness Is Not a Look,” Says California Gym Owner

Attempting to show the importance of the fitness, many owners of the gyms and centers have on their gym advertisements or workout photos a woman or man in a perfect condition, shaped body and everything that should motivate other members to join them.

Usually, they use pictures of fitness models, and when you are not like them (which most of the people aren’t) those same advertisements can make you feel worse, having in mind that is impossible to reach that shape.

The gym should be a place of empowerment, where you can spend time on something you like or you want to do for yourself, in order to get healthier and happier when you are there.

Some of the owners of the fitness centers (gyms) had realized the importance of showing the real picture for those places and totally changed their attitude. For instance, Surf City Fit Club in Huntington Beach, California is against the posters that show a slew of six-packs and zero percent body fat and prefer to put the photos of their actual members sweating it out at the gym.

Even this is located in Orange County, where the image is of vital importance, gym owner Michelle Burmaster succeeded to brake wellness world stereotypes with the project: the creation of “real” stock photos for gyms, fitness trainers and bloggers, by using their sites in advertisements, their images of various exercisers when are getting sweaty, looking incredibly, real.  Unsurprisingly, their images are sold at realbodyfitnessphotos.com.

Burmaster’s opinion is that the fitness is not about how the people are looking, but what they can do to be healthy. The reality is that a woman (man) with a six-pack is largely hereditary, of course, fitness can help

The members of Surf City Fit Club shared their real photos as a talk alternative to the mythical ones.

The idea of Burmaster was launched to share images that help inspire more people to go to the gym, not only in Huntington Beach but across the globe.

Source: www.fitnessmagazine.com