3 Facebook Comment Secrets That You Didn’t Know

We are living in the modern era of the social networks and to be honest, there is nothing that may surprise us about them. With exception of the three new features that Facebook introduced. Has it already happened to you to post something on Facebook and all of a sudden, certain movements to be done on the screen? We are no talking about lights going out, freezing the screen or any other features of that type. We are talking about some sweet movements that may look so surprisingly to you, but in a pleasant manner.

We are talking about posting something and all of a sudden, balloons, confetti, hearts, or thumbs are just all over your screen. If does not happen to you already, then you need to make it happen. You do not have to post something on your wall, you just may write down certain comment to somebody and your face will turn into a smiled one after this short, but lovely action.

Today’s article will teach you how to experience these lovely actions on Facebook that will make your day.

  1. Confetti and Balloons

You will be pleased with confetti and balloons once you will write down ‘Congrats’ on your wall as a post, or just leave a comment to somebody. Then wait for a miracle to happen. All of a sudden you will be surprised with lovely confetti and balloons in different colours, that unconsciously will raise your mood. The most interesting part is just about to come. It is said that if you are lucky enough to see a blue or a pink balloon then it means that you will be expecting a baby and that the colour of the balloon will define the gender of the baby, blue for boy and pink for girl. So do not get upset if you see blue or pink balloons once you will write down ‘Congrats’ on Facebook. That does not mean that you are pregnant, but that may be fixed always, if you know what we mean!

  1. Hearts

A bet that every time when you are writing with somebody very close to you, at the end of the conversation you are posting ‘XOXO’. Imagine now, every time when you will finish your conversation with ‘XOXO’ a bunch of hearts will start flying all over you screen. How much better could it be?

  1. Thumbs Up

The same goes with this word too. All you have to do is just type ‘Rad’ and numerous thumbs up will fill your screen. It may sound crazy, but maybe these thumbs up are the right thing that you are in need just to boost your mood at that moment.

So type any of these three words on Facebook and feel how your mood turns into a positive one.