Emily Naturally Dropped 138 Pounds Without Any Gimmicky Diets or Exercise Plans

Emily Anderson, weighted 301 pounds, is a young woman who was struggling with thyroid autoimmunity, lupus, and gallbladder attack every day. On July 1, 2015 she had an appointment at her doctor’s office, an appointment that will change her life forever.

Up till that day she was in constant body hurt and none of the medications that were prescript to her are working. Her blood tests were constantly getting worse, and her body weight was out of control. Facing with another bad results of the tests that her doctor made to her, Emily asked the doctor what she needs to do in order to return her body in a healthy condition. Her doctor ran out of words, just shaking her head, without any idea left to suggest to her.

After the appointment, as the Emily was driving to her home, she got so worried about her 2-years daughter. She got scared that with this health condition she would not be able to take care of her daughter. At that moment she felt some high power that inspired her to put down her self-pity and return her body to the healthy truck. That is how she got into the process of losing weight and turning into a healthy person.

The first thing that she did in her process of losing the extra weight was changing the way she was eating i.e. she started adopting some healthy dietary habits. She exchanged the processed goods with whole, local food. She shares how once she prepared an organic corn tortilla chips at home, after reminding herself on the days when she was consuming unhealthy crisps. Later, because of the extremely addictive response in Emily’s body, she completely cut out the processes sugar.

After one year on focusing on consummation of cleaner food, Emily succeeded in losing 50 pounds. In order to get on the next level and to continue losing pounds, in the summer of 2016 Emily become member of the Life Time Gym.
Although she promised to herself that she would not get used only to one certain workout program, she sort of get attracted by the 60-days challenge program. This challenge actually inspired her to try different types of exercises and helped her to learn more about the nutrition. The second vital component after cleaning her diet and body from the unhealthy, processed food, was this membership to the gym, which helped Emily to experiment with different exercising. The Life Time Gym motivated Emily to become a healthier person, and helped her to improve her metabolism and perseverance. Thanks to this gym she builds strength, got supported and motivated to the highest possible level, and returns her self-confidence.

The combination of healthy eating patterns and the exercise trainings lead Emily to lose 138 pounds after two years. Today Emily has got 163 pounds and is still keeping to her everyday healthy way of living.

She admits that she never was type of a person that will decide to go to the gym or think to change her way of living. What she achieved is surprisingly impressive. Even she has lost so many pounds, she is still setting certain goals to herself, sometimes exercising hard with heavier weights. She shares that in order not to get bored by her everyday training, she is making a combination of different trainings, for instance sometimes she is combining light cardio and yoga. The most important is that she is not skipping a day without exercising and she is doing those workouts with loving intention.

Regarding her healthy eating habits, her diet is strictly consisted of real, whole food, mostly consuming seasonal products, fish, or locally grown organic foods. She admits that two years ago she was hating vegetables, but nowadays the vegetables are one of her favourite food, that sometimes it is happening to get cravings for vegetables. Emily explains that is quite interesting how once a human takes out the processed junk food of his organism, his taste changes gradually and the biochemistry goes through great changes too.

Believe it or not Emily managed to lose 138 pounds. If your motivation is on the lowest level, get motivated by the undertakes that she did i.e. she has participated in five of Live Time’s 60-Days challenges and she took the first place in the ‘women’s weight loss’ category too.

In order to achieve what Emily has done to her body and organism you may adopt some of the advices that she is sharing with us.

First of all, she suggests getting a food scale so that you may measure the food that you are consuming, properly. Also by this food scale you will have a clear evidence how much calories you are in-taking so that you can keep your portions in check.

Another suggestion is to take pictures of yourself as you are progressing with the healthy regime in order to document every step of your weight-loss journey. At the beginning this might be hard and you might felt disappointed, but at the end everything will pay off.

The third suggestion that Emily is giving is keeping a daily journal. In that way you will be able to keep track on all the food that you are consuming, you will be able to make a food plans and to record the exercises that you are practising too. Also, the day journal will help you to document all your thought too. When she was going through hard days, she was keeping a night-time journal too. This type of journal was helping her to revise what she did during that day and motivated her what she could do in order not to give upon things next time. Tracking her healthy lifestyle on paper helped Emily to eat all the emotions of what actually was eating her up. She characterizes the daily journal as the most powerful tool in her weight-loss journey, a tool that helped her to stray honest with herself.

Emily advises that once you will decide to change your way of living that you will need to alternate your mind-set first. Your body will not transform unless your mind and heart get transformed first. Once you will manage to change your mind that your body will follow.

In this weight-loss process it is really important to be kind to your body and to grant yourself. Every screw-up needs to be treated as something to learn from. If you messed up things today than do not give up and try again. You need to be patient and throw out all the black-and-white thinking about everything. Change your life and ask yourself what is the next right thing that you can take right now?

Source: www.popsugar.com