Eating This Common Breakfast Every Weekday Helped Ukwori Lose 65 Pounds

Ukwori is a young woman who was fighting with obesity three years ago. In that period, she and her then-boyfriend come up with an idea to start a weight loss journey and turn their bodies into normal ones. Shortly after, Ukwori and her boyfriend broke up, but that did not stop her to continue with her weight loss journey and turn her life upside down. Today Ukwori is weighed 65 pounds less and did the greatest change in her life.

Going back in 2015, the 30th of October was the day when Ukwori decided to start her weight loss journey. Ukwori explains that everything started with a simple discussion with her then-boyfriend about marriage, having children, and bright future. That is how they have decided that in order to achieve all those plans they will have to become lighter and healthier. And they have started with the weight loss journey.  Shortly after, they have ended their relationship, but that did not make Ukwori to give up of her goal. She decided to move on, because she was not happy at all with the way she looked, not only in terms of external beauty, but from internal too. She was constantly facing with strong pains in her knees and back, and that was the actually the main reason why she got so dedicated to lose the extra weight.

At the beginning of her weight loss journey she had 245 pounds. Three years later, now she has 65 pounds less.

When Ukwori decided to lose the extra weight, she started researching a lot about exercises and diets on Internet. Her sister was part of the Girl’s Guide community on Instagram and decided to talk more into details about this community with her. Once Ukwori realized that she may learn much about the healthy life, she decided to join to this community. The Girl’s Guide community taught Ukwori many things about different exercises and the correct way how to perform them, as well how to prepare and plan her meals too. Additionally, she was introduced to many women who were sharing the same problem with her but have set the same goal as Ukwori, which is from great importance in terms of motivation. Many of the things that Ukwori learnt from that community is still incorporating in her everyday life, in a combination with certain fitness programs.

At the beginning of her weight loss journey, Ukwori was exercising four to five times weekly. After two years of these workouts, she inserted running in her everyday activities too. Once this healthy way of living become part of her life, Ukwori today is doing exercises plus a running too, and she is doing that five to six times weekly, which means that she is making a pause of only one day in the week.

Today Ukwori is so happy that she beat many non-scale victories that she experienced previously. For instance, previously when she was traveling she could not cross her legs at her seat because her fat body was spilling over into the seat that was next to her. Today she is so happy because she can fit into her own seat, and plus she can cross her legs too, without any embarrassment. Additionally, her knee pain just vanished as he lost so much weight. Today she can easily carry up the suitcase on her own on the stairs without getting winded. She can do that thanks to the practise that she has with running of several miles. The greatest thing is that she went from sizes 18-20 to 8-10.

All those who are ready to undertake a weight-loss journey must be prepared that the scales will not track all the positives that you want to see onto yourself. For instance, the scale will not notify you about all the fat that you have swapped into muscles. Additionally, you will feel the benefits of your physical changes onto your professional, personal, spiritual, and mental health, but do not expect that the scale will show you into details how those changes are done. The weight loss journey will help you to put additional effort into those areas of your life where you thought that is impossible to be done certain changes.

Talking about the motivation, Ukwori is aware of how great change she has done in her life. She remembers very well where she was at the beginning of the journey, and where is she now. This is actually her greatest motivation that keeps her to move forwards. Also, she is a great inspiration for many women out there who are fighting with obesity, which motivates Ukwori additionally. She shares the thought that the lives that we are living are not for our own benefit, but for the benefit of the other people too. Our benefits may be used to motivate, inspire, share, and teach other people to do similar amazing things if they put enough effort in what they are doing. Ukwori teaches that you should not demotivate yourself if you mess up something, but you just need to move forward and learn from your mistakes.

Regarding the eating scheme that Ukwori is following, the same is consisted only of healthy ingredients. Every day she is staring the morning with a smoothie, except on Sunday, when she is cooking a full brunch. Ukwori is a great lover of cooking, so she uses to cook several times during the week and then she rotates her lunches and dinners. Regarding her meals, as mentioned previously they are all consisted of healthy ingredients, such as vegetables, proteins, carbs, fruits, popcorn, nuts, and occasional sweet.

Ukwori gives you advice that you should stop thinking so much and undertake that weight-loss journey even tomorrow. There will be times when you will mess up and you will feel demotivated, but you need to move forward. Messing up does not mean giving up. The most important is that you should now allow the time to constraints on yourself. Ukwori shares that there were days when she was messing up the things at 10:05 p.m. but she was staring right back over at 10:06 p.m. without letting much time to passes.

Additionally, you must learn which methods are working for you the best. You must realize that there are no workouts or diets that are one-size-fits-all. All of us are different individuals, and what works for me does not mean that will work for you too. Maybe your organism will seek to mix several different methods in order to achieve your goal. The key is not to stop searching for healthy tips and advices. The most important thing during this journey is that you should not compare yourself with anybody else. If you want to feel better, you need to share your everyday experience with others. Stay transparent.

The last, but not the least, find your own community, as Ukwori found the Fit Girl’s Guide. If there come days when you feel that you are in a need of a cheerleader, do not hesitate to find Ukwori on her Instagram profile ‘operation_orifitgirl’ and get the best advices and motivation so far.