Drop Water Weight Fast and Never Bloat Again With These 8 Effective Tips

You, probably have been sometimes in the uncomfortable situation to struggle from trying to hold gas. It may be the situation while you are in yoga class, in a business meeting, in school as a guest in somebodies house, or many different places.

You get the picture.

This is a really bad feeling, inconvenient, super uncomfortable feeling like you want to explode.

Something that will encourage you, and help you beat the bloat you can read in the article bellow. You will understand WHAT goes IN your body and WHY.

Here are 8 Tricks How to DE bloat:

  1. WHAT? – Water… ONLY WATER


  • Your body needs water as to not get dehydrated.
  • Carbonated drinks cause air to go right to your stomach, which causes a bloated belly.
  • Frequently drinking water helps detox of your body.
  • Dairy-based options, because of the difficulty to be processed, can result in excess gas forming in your body.
  1. WHAT? – Limit Salt


  • When you eat sodium, your body retains water, as it trays to maintain balance in your bloodstream.
  • Very important – DRINK a lot of water!
  • To DE bloat: Limit is 2,500 milligrams of sodium per day, so stay bellow.
  1. WHAT? – Stay Away From Sugar Alcohols


  • Sweeteners such as xylitol, sorbitol and mannitol exaggerate distress in your gastro – tract and cause:

–           Cramping

–           Bloating

–           Gas

–           Diarrhea

  • These sweeteners are not easy to fully break down.
  • They can be found in energy bars, gum, and many other highly processed foods.
  1. WHAT? – Reduce the Carbs


  • Carbs are your body’s source of fuel.
  • The carbs cause holding more water in your body, and you’ll feel MORE bloated.
  • Binding with water, carbohydrate molecules creates glycogen, which is a form of energy.

To DE bloat: 1-3 days replace carbs with more vegetables.

  1. WHAT? – Balance Your Fiber Intake


  • Fibers are very important in keeping your digestive system working smoothly (key for staying healthy).
  • HOWEVER, TOO much fiber causes bloating:

–           Tough to digest

–           Creates gas

To DE bloat: Limit yourself to 20-25 grams of fiber daily and drink plenty of water (it helps your digestion)

  1. WHAT? – Chew Enough, and…More


  • WHAT you eat sometimes is less important than HOW you eat.
  • Some eating behaviors, which cause bloating by getting excess air:

–           Talking while eating

–           Eating too fast

To DE bloat: FOCUS on your food and chewing slowly and thoroughly, as your food should be easier to digest. Talking is good between bites!

  1. WHAT? – Portion Control


  • Attending parties or eating out can lead to HUGE portions.
  • Overeating creates feeling uncomfortably full and sluggishness.
  • Don’t avoid your treats, control the size of your portions and eat well-balanced meals.
  1. WHAT? – Be Smart in Choosing Your Veggies and Fruits


Certain veggies and fruits create more gas (and more bloat) than others.

The following veggies produce gassiness, because of the compound Raffinose:

–           Brussel sprouts

–           Cauliflower

–           Broccoli

Here are the fruits that have incredible nutritional benefits, but also contain sugar alcohols that create a bloating:

–           Grapes

–           Peaches

–           Cherries

–           Mangoes

To DE bloat:

The fruits eat should be with less sugar content such as

  • Blueberries,
  • Strawberries,
  • Oranges
  • Cantaloupe and

Eat veggies with high water content like

  • zucchini and
  • Cucumber

Source: fitlife.tv