Do Planks Every Day To Make These 7 Things Happening – Check Them Out

The plank is one of the greatest exercises that can trigger almost every muscle in your body.

This workout is the best for your spine and core, but you will need to be training regularly and have strong core muscles to be able to do it successfully.

If you are doing planks regularly on a daily basis, you will notice these 7 benefits:

Tighten the core muscles and improve performance

This perfect exercise will help you work out all the groups of core muscles, and by getting them stronger you will get these benefits:

  • By strengthening the Transverse abdominis, you will benefit in lifting heavier weights.
  • By strengthening the Rectus abdominus, you will be able to improve the jumping, and is the muscle group that will get you the six-pack abs.
  • In order to have bigger capacity for side bending and waist twisting you need to strengthen the Oblique muscles – the plank exercise will do just that!
  • Doing the plank exercise will get you strong Glutes, and strong glutes result in a strong and nicely shaped butt, and increased back support.

Lower the risk of spinal column and back injuries

As mentioned before, the plank helps in getting your back supported, strengthen your muscles and reduce your back pain. It builds your muscles without a lot pressure on your spine and hips.

Helps you boost your metabolism

Doing planks everyday will lead to burning more energy, and burning more energy leads to boosting you metabolism and keeping a high metabolic rate during the whole day.

Posture improvement

Standing up stable and straight will no longer be a problem, your posture will be significantly improved. The abs muscles can have a huge impact on the neck, back, shoulders and chest.

Improve the overall balance

Have you ever tried a one-leg stand, and you can’t keep that position more than a couple of seconds? Well, your abs aren’t strong enough to keep the balance, so when you do side planks, your abs will get strong, so you will improve the capacity for every workout and also get a balance improvement.

Be more flexible

When doing this workout, it helps the collarbone, shoulders and shoulder blades as well as toes, hamstring and arches get stretched and expanded. This will help you be more flexible than you have ever been.

Improve your mental health

Plank exercise stretches out the muscle groups that directly influence the stress and tension in the body. It will improve our mood, calm the brain, act anti-depressive and treat symptoms of anxiety, but it needs to be done regularly.

With 5 to 10 minutes per day doing simple plank exercise, you will be able to achieve great benefits.