Ditching Cardio for Powerlifting Helped This Woman Lose 37 Pounds

Following the rules for losing weight, rather than focusing on the scale, Alice Fields paid the attention to the gaining muscles and losing inches.

She used to work, cardio exercises what she preferred for losing weight, however, after years of running, she didn’t get the desired results. That is why she switched the cardio to powerlifting.

The running of 5Ks every morning, for this 24-year-old girl was a real torture and she didn’t enjoy it at all. In addition, she maintained a fairly restrictive diet and the results were also not as expected.

According to her experience, when she run until she couldn’t run anymore, and ate a limited amount of food, she lost 5 kilos in 2 weeks. However, when she return to a regular amount of food again, she put 7 kilos back on, which shows a classic yo-yo effect.


Realizing that it didn’t work, Fields decided it was time to try something new. She was introduced by her friend to powerlifting, and she instantly felt in love.

The results of this workout were seen within about a month, not only in strengthening dramatically, but her whole body composition changed.

Fields lost about 37 pounds, which was impossible to achieve while doing cardio.

She constantly followed the changes of her body in positive ways, even the scales stayed the same, as a result of losing weight in some places and gaining muscle in others. She, even changed her mind about the doing only weights, as she quickly realized, that having more muscle will help her to burn more fat.

As Fields hasn’t reached her goals yet, she has learned to practice self-love and feels better about her body more than ever.

She also became more self-confident and ready to go to the next her goals. The positive mood was of great help, as she started to see the things she loves, not the things she hates.

We believe that the Fields’s experience will help you to look on many things from the different perspectives and follow her example of making things happen.

Source: fitnessmagazine.com