Different Types of Squats – Switch it Up for Amazing Legs!

Squats are among to the most performed exercises at the gym, however, they can be done anywhere, with or without weights, which make them competitive. They are the type of exercises that every woman likes, as they are best for the butt and effective burning quads and glutes

The workout consists of 6 different types of squats. Follow the instructions below.

  1. Overhead squat

Targets: the same muscles as a regular squat with a little bonus. By doing it properly you’ll engage your core more because of the weight over your head. Due to the working of your shoulders, you can work on your balance.


–           Starting position – Keep the barbell in your extended arms over your head. Your feet should be wider than shoulders width apart.

–           Pushing hips back come to a deep squat.

Note: Because of the technicality of the move it is better to start with lighter weights and increase later.

  1. Bulgarian split squat

It is also, called King Squat. You can do it with weights or just body weight.

This is a great move for hypertrophy and imbalances.


–           Starting position – place your back leg on a bench, front leg in a split stance (hold weights in both hands by sides).

–           Lower your body down keeping your back straight.  Make sure to be wide enough and your legs are at 90-90 and front knee not going past your toes.

Note: As it can overload your muscles don’t use heavy weights. Begin with the lighter weights and work your way up.

  1. One-legged squat

It is similar to pistol squat (the mother of all squats). Most of the experts found it as a testimony to balance, strength and flexibility.


–           Starting position – stand on left leg, right leg extended,

–           Go with your butt behind, squat all the way to the bench

–           Push yourself back up to starting position.

–           Switch legs and repeat

Note: If is very difficult for you, don’t get discouraged, move and take consistent practice to really master it.

  1. Hack squat

It requires using of weights.

Targets: your quads and the majority of your posterior chain


–           Starting position –Hold a barbell behind you, and squad down,

–           Lift your body up, keeping the back straight to complete one rep.

Note: Think of it as a back sided deadlift.

  1. Zercher squat

This one is great if you’re going for deepened range of motion,

Targets: back/torso strength, without the spinal compression.


–           Starting position – Hug a barbell in front of your chest and get in a wider stance

–           Squat deep, almost into a front squat and hold while, keeping your torso up, trying not to tip over with the weight.

–           Reverse the movement to return to starting position

Note: start light and gradually build it up.

  1. Front squat

This type of squat is great for core/upper back strength, and balanced leg strength.


–           Starting position – hold the barbell on your chest at shoulder level, supporting it with an underhand grip.

–           Lower down, keeping your back straight

–           Pressing back return to starting position (as always, chest straight, not tipping)

Note: adjust the weight according to your strength level.

So, here is something new to make changes in your workouts, and make a fortune of squats to rotate them for every day of the week.

Are you are satisfy let us know, and if you have any favorite it’ll be nice to share with others.

Happy squatting!!!