Did You Know That You Can Detox Your Body Through Your Feet?

One of the greatest relaxing therapies that you could give to your body is the detox foot bath. Believe it or not, the detox foot bath is ideal for cleaning your body from all the toxins. The article that follows deals with the benefits that you can gain from the detox foot bath as well with all the hypothesis regarding the same. Also the article gives you a recipe how to make a detox foot bath on your own, at home.

The ingredients needed for the home-made recipe are the following:

1 cup of sea salt, 1 cup of English salt, 2 cups of baking soda, and a few drops of oil made from lavender. Mix all the ingredients together and then take only ¼ cup of the mixture. Than ¼ cup of the mixture put in in a very warm water in the bath for feet and soak your feet in the same. It is time to relax for the next 15-25 minutes.

This method is tested and it is very beneficial in terms of getting rid of the soot, bacteria, and dirt on your legs. The salt in this recipe is very effective. It is not only the remove of the dirt that can be taken as benefit from the salt, but the healing of wounds of a certain type too.

The same effect can be compared with the stand in a cool sea water. It is well known that the iodine in the sea water is very healthy. For that reason, the benefit of the sea water has been transformed into a method of detoxing the entire organism.

With the consummation of food, water, and air we include toxins into our body. Too much toxins leads to appearance of hyperaemia, bad skin sinusitis, flu migraines, unpleasant odour from the mouth, as well headaches.

All these body conditions may be considered as symptoms of improper work of your body. Takin a detox foot therapy may be from a great importance for your organism.

The benefits from the detox foot bath may be in great number. The detox will help your body to relieve the muscle stiffness and the joint paint that you are constantly facing with, as well to strengthen your immune system. Your trauma can be easily recovered with this therapy too. If you are feeling constant tiredness, then soaking your feet in a detox bath will improve your sleep, remove the fatigue, and reduce the stress. The baths may also improve the work of your kidneys and livers, eliminates the blood clots, and reduces the symptoms of menopause.

A very important notice is that this detox foot bath is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women and people who have transplanted organs.

So if you are not among the previously mentioned people and if you had a hard day at work, then there is nothing better than going home and putting your feet in a salted detox bath with a lavender smell.

Experts advise that you can combine this foot detox bath with meditation or some breathing methods so that you can improve the flow of oxygen into your body which result with improved state later.