Clean Eating Challenge: 2 Weeks To A Tighter Trunk

Among the many wishes regarding the body look, the possession of six-packs abs is the one that causes a greatest desire when possessing an attractive body comes to question. Despite all the fake articles and information given to you that you may tone your abs just in two weeks, the truth is that this midsection of your body can not be shaped and transformed in such a short period of time. Additionally, there is no certain magic formula that will turn your fat stomach into a flat one just in two weeks. You will need to face with the truth that in order to get rid of the muffin top of your stomach and bring your belly into a flat position you will have to put a lot of effort into an effective workout and start eating healthy.

Today’s article will suggest to you several steps that you might want to follow if you have already decided that now it is the right time to work-out on the midsection of your body.

  1. Be Honest with Yourself Abut Your Eating Habits

No matter how much effort you are putting into your exercises and you are performing them regularly, if you are not following a correct nutritional plan, then everything will fall down into the river. It is not allowed to workout harder and to cheat your organism when carvings occur from time to time, because in that way you will end up exhausted and frustrated. The secret is to balance your workout with your nutrition i.e. one hundred percentages nutrition and one hundred percentages commitment to it.

If you want to get your stomach into a flatten shape, then you will need to follow a two-weeks challenge that will help your organism to get on the healthy track. All you have to do is just follow a very simple three-day pattern that will focus your food consumption on carb cycling. For those who are new in this healthy trip, the carb cycling is excellent for burning fats and improving the metabolism. If you have not integrated the cars consumption into your everyday way of living, it is advised to do it immediately.

Talking about the three carbs pattern that needs to be followed, the same looks exactly as this: no carb – low car – medium carb. In other words, your total food consummation needs to be based upon your bodyweight, training schedule, and the goals that you have set to yourself. Following is the exact food that you will need to consume in a period of three days:

– Day no.1 or no carb day: you will need to intake only fats, vegetables, and proteins;

– Day no.2 or low carb day: you will need to intake only fats, vegetables, and proteins;

– Day no.3 or medium carb day: you will have to intake only beans or legumes, fats, fruits, proteins, and vegetables;

– After day no.3 start to repeat the cycle all over again, starting from day no.1.

During the next two weeks that will need to follow, your diet will be focused strictly on quality lean products, vegetables as many as possible, and healthy fats. You must pay attention that the greener and fresher are the vegetables you are consuming, the better for your organism. If you are struggling with ideas regarding how one of your meals should look like, following is an example of a breakfast with no carbs:

– 4 whole eggs. Pay attention to eat the yolks, because the same are so good for the workout that you will need to perform; and

– bell peppers, tomatoes, spinach, ½ avocado, and 2 teaspoons of natural salsa.

This breakfast is so healthy and rich with proteins that will give you even extra energy for the day that follows.

  1. Foods That You May Consume During the 2-Weeks Healthy Regime

– Eggs: if you did not know by eating only one egg you are entering 6 grams of high-quality protein and 9 essential amino acids into your body. Eating eggs will help you in the process of building muscles, and the more muscles you have the less fat will be on your body. Do not listen the myths about the egg’s yolk and start eating the yolks, because the same are so rich with fat-soluble vitamins, such as A, D, E, and K.

– Asparagus: Believe it or not, one cup fulfilled with asparagus contains 288 milligrams of potassium, and the potassium us defined as ingredient that reduces the fat on your stomach. That is why it is very important to start eating asparagus as much as possible, because the same is a great source of natural diuretic properties.

– Fat-Burning Foods: you will need to start eating healthy foods that will burn your calories. More precisely foods as: sardines, trout, wild salmon, eggs, turkey, pork, bison, beef, and chicken. It is allowed to eat canned versions of all these foods too.

– Fluid-Flushing Foods: you will need to include celery, cucumber, baby spinach, and parsley into your everyday diet.

– Water: every time when weight loss is mentioned an advice of drinking plenty of water is given. That is why because the water has this characteristic of flushing away all the by-products of the fat breakdown. Additionally, the water may keep you full for a longer period of time, surprising your appetite and making you not to eat so much. If you do not want to drink plain water, then in the filtered water you may add lemon, orange, or cucumber for some flavour.

– Green Tea: another healthy drink that will help you to burn calories is the green tea. So drink as much as you can green tea on a daily basis.

  1. Foods That You Should Avoid During the 2-Weeks Healthy Regime

All of the foods that follow may be known to you that need to be avoided if you want to run a healthy lifestyle, but it is good to be mentioned one more time:

– Grains: you are not allowed to eat all the foods that contain white flour, including wraps and bread too.

– Alcohol: in the next two weeks you need to forget on the alcohol.

– Sweets: say goodbye to the chocolate, candies, and all other sweet desserts.

– Dairy: most of the people are feeling bloated just because of the ice cream, cheese, and milk. That is why you will need to avoid these ingredients.

– Sodas: all types of sodas, juices, fake syrups, and sweeteners are leading to bloating. That is why you should stop consuming them.

If you could not remember what you are allowed to consume and what is forbidden to you, follow this simple rule: everything that grown from the ground and everything that flies, runs, and swims it is acceptable in your everyday diet. Everything that is coming in a bag or box you need to avoid.

Although many people think that they can shape their bodies only through a workout, they are completely wrong, because the nutrition is the key to healthy life. You will melt the fats on your stomach simply by mixing the nutrition tips given previously with a good strength and conditioning training. It is very important to stay realistic in terms of the expectations that need to follow after several weeks. For instance, if you are having 30 pounds of extra weigh on your body, do not expect that you will wake up with six-pack abs after several weeks. Contrary, it is not unusual to lose an entire inch on your waist in two weeks if you are cleaning up your diet.