Change the Way You Do the Plank For a Six-Pack, Fast

By doing an elbow plank so many times it will become your routine, and the effects will not be the same as when you started it. According to Cassandra Bodlak, a health coach at Studio Fitness, clients should do a slight modification, which can be more challenging.

Follow the instruction bellow:

–           Starting position – elbow plank, flip your hands over so your palms are facing up.

What is a difference and why is it challenging?

By pressing through an elbow plank with palms facing down you’ll keep back muscles engaged. In addition, the clasping hands together in a fist will enlist your chest muscles to help stabilize you.

However, according to Cassandra, as you flip your hands over it will make your plank even more about the core, disengaging some of the support from the muscles of the hand and forearm. Exactly, by simply moving your hands you will get on the fast track to sculpted abs.

What is a reason to go palms up?

Cassandra suggests performing this elbow plank with palms up because the people are now all busy typing on keyboards these days, which encourages a particular position of the forearm: palms down. So, repositioning the forearms in your plank helps you to create a balance.

Sculpted abs are great reasons to perform the “palms up” modification, whenever you plan your next session in an elbow plank. However, if by doing it you collapse into Child’s Pose sooner than you’re used to, it is not something that you should be worried. Cassandra encourages everyone that came in different plank position than previous one, as it will make this exercise more effective.

Keep it up!