Cancer thrives in an Acidic Environment. Do This To Make Your Body Alkaline As Quickly As Possible

The immunologic, enzymatic, and repair mechanisms in the body function properly in an alkaline environment, why is so important to make it balanced all the time.

There three possible ways how to regulate the blood pH

–           Controlling levels of the carbon dioxide,

–           Excreting excess acid as a result of proper work of the kidneys

–           Finally, the special chemical of the blood (known as buffers), works by resisting any sudden changes in pH.

A specific pH range causes countless chemical reactions necessary for life, so it is crucial to maintaining pH within that range. For example, an acidic pH level within the human body plays the important role in all degenerative and autoimmune diseases. This environment has several adverse effects on metabolism, impacting accumulation of fluid and edema, energy levels, and an increase in free radical production. Additionally, it can cause obesity, diabetes, migraines, cancer, cataracts, stroke, arthritis, morning sickness, gout, osteoporosis, and allergies.

The pH of the body is in close link with the foods people eat or drink. Meat and dairy products (animal-based foods) are mainly acidic, while plant-based foods (fruits and veggies) are mostly alkaline. The human body needs both acid and alkaline foods in the diet, as they help it to maintain appropriate pH levels. Nowadays’ culture with the high amount of fast-foods and overly processed foods have made the majority of people overly acidic.

Everyone can test pH levels with inexpensive pH strips that can be bought online or in health food stores. Another and better way to check the pH level is by testing your urine, which is more accurate. This test should be done as first thing in the morning and is usually a little more acidic. Generally, the second urine test of the morning is most accurate.

Cancer increases in an Acidic Environment so you can do this measures to make your body alkaline instantly:

1)         First thing in the morning – gently warm a glass of quality water and squeeze the juice from half of an organic lemon into it. Then add ½ tsp of baking soda for a refreshing and alkalizing drink.

2)         Juice fresh green fruits and vegetables and add some barley grass, wheat grass, cayenne, kelp, spirulina and chlorella in it. Drink this beverage every single day.

3)         Many health care professionals recommend eating a vegan diet of alkaline vegetables and fruits, which will maintain a healthy pH level.

4)         Avoid all extremely acidic processed foods, refined sugar, and fried foods.

5)         Buy alkaline water with a pH level of 9!

6)         For many reasons are highly recommended natural household cleaning agents (diluted apple cider vinegar, or recipes with plant proteins and/or essential oils.

7)         Shampoos, conditioners and all beauty products should be natural or at least free of the toxic loaded chemicals and synthetic additives.

8)         Eat only grass-fed, organic animal products.

Here is a list of Alkaline Rich Foods:

–           Fruits with a high alkaline level

–           Nectarines

–           Blackberries

–           Persimmon

–           Strawberries

–           Tangerines

–           Raspberries

–           Papaya

–           Limes

–           Watermelon

–           Pineapple

–           Cantaloupe/Honeydew

Vegetables with a high alkaline level

–           Asparagus

–           Celery

–           Onions

–           Collard greens

–           Kohlrabi

–           Endive

–           Parsnips

–           Kale

–           Mustard greens

–           Sweet potatoes/Yams

–           Winter squash

Nuts, Seeds, Herbs, and Spices with a high alkaline level

–           Chestnuts

–           Ginger root

–           Sea salt

–           Parsley

–           Pumpkin seeds

Beverages with a high alkaline level

–           Ginger tea

–           Mineral water