Buh-Bye, Extra Pounds — This Is the Ultimate Workout For Weight Loss

In order to lose the extra weight of your body and get the best results it is very important to choose the right exercises. The following article will suggest to you a workout consisted of 8 exercises that are quite dynamic and are composition of certain movements that will help you to maximize the amount of calories you are trying to burn. Once you have decided that you want to do execises that are classified as workout with higher intensity, then you will be able to notice a boost in your metabolism even after 48 hours. The same will motivate you to burn your calories even when you are in your pyjamas, staring at the TV. The only thing that you will need is just a little space and a pair of dumbbells.

The 8 exercises program that will be presented into this article was created by Raphael Konforti, a national director of fitness at the You Fit Health Club. He explains that the results will be more effective if the exercises are performed in a circuit style i.e. performing one exercise after another. Also each exercise needs to be done in three to five sets, with a pause between each set only if it is needed.

The good thing about exercising in a circuit is that you may perform your exercises every time you want, whenever you are in the mood of getting sweated. Konforti suggest that it would be ideal to make 3 sets of each exercise every day. You may perform them all at once or you may just split them into sessions. If you feel that you are able to make more than 5 sets daily, then go for it, but make sure that you will rest between the sets and will drink plenty of water. The recommended circuit in a combination with a healthy diet is the right thing that will lead you to less calories and weight.

  1. Skip Lunge

This exercise is really good because targets every muscle from the lower part of your body. The same gives a challenge balance to your body and stimulates your heart rate. It may sound as so much beneficial for one exercise, but all of that characteristics are proven and are true.

Start the exercise by making a step back with your left leg, so that you will perform a reverse lunge. Afterwards, while using the right leg lift your body back up and drive your left knee up. Next, you may hop on your right leg or keep the same on the floor into a low-impact version. Make repetitions of the exercise in a period of 30 seconds, then switch the legs, and repeat the same movements with the other leg for another 30 seconds.

  1. Squat Jump

Every time you will decide to get rid of the extra weight on your body, you must include the squat jumps into your workout program. They are defined as your best friends when losing weight comes to question.

Start the exercise by standing on both your feet. They need to be on a distance same as the shoulder distance. Then place your hands at the chest level. Make e pose as you are going to sit on a chair and keep your knees in a same line with your toes. Immediately jump up and extend your hands to the ceiling. Afterwards land carefully on your toes, then on your heels. If you consider that you are in a need of a pause at the bottom of the squat, then make the same. If not keep moving in order to continue with the intensity of the exercise. If you are ready for some extra challenge, as you are jumping add a slight twist, switching the sides of twisting at each jump. While twisting, try to build up to a full rotation of 180 degrees. Practise the exercise for 45 seconds.

  1. Plank with Row

Do not worry if you can notice visible results at your body after a short period of time. Different bodies react different. Konforti explains that if you are practising exercises that include movement of lot of muscles at the same time, you will sweat a lot and burn much more calories than it looks like. Adding an exercise that make you to perform plank, forces your whole body to work out.

Start the exercise by placing your body in a push-up position, so that you will have one dumbbell at each of your hands. Drive your right hand until the dumbbell in the same touches your ribs. The most important thing at this point is to maintain the rest of your body as still as possible. This means that your legs, arms, and core should be tightened as much as you can. In order to return to the starting position, lower the dumbbell. Then you may switch sides and repeat the same movements with the other arm. Once you noticed that you may balance your body for one entire set, challenge your body to lift your opposite leg while you are making the movements with the arm i.e. simultaneously, as you are lifting your right arm, you need to lift your left leg too. Practise the exercise for 45 minutes.

  1. Up-Down Plank

If you have decided to strengthen your underarms, then this exercise is ideal for you.

Start the exercise by placing your body into a push-up position. Make a movement by lowering your right elbow towards the floor. Make the same movement with your left elbow too and bring the body into an elbow plank. Next, your right arm needs to go under your shoulder so that you may press up while you are doing the same movement with the left hand too. In that way you will return into a push-up position. Repeat the movements, then switch sides, and make the same movements with the opposite side. Practise the exercise for 45 seconds.

  1. Bear Crawl

This exercise will make you to release your inner animal i.e. you will be forced to crawl on the ground and lose some extra calories in that way.

Start the exercise by placing your body in a push-up position. Your knees need to be placed under your hips, but not touching the ground, just hang over the ground. At the same time, drive your opposite hand and knee to the front. Bear in mind that all the time your shoulders need to be in a same line with your hips. Start crawling your five yards and then reverse the motion i.e. crawl back to the starting position. Make 3 repetitions of the crawling.

  1. Burpee

Every time you decide to lose some weight, the burpee must be included into your workout program, same as the squads. Burpees are needed into every weight-loss program because they move the whole body continuously. More movements mean burning more calories.

Start the exercise by standing on both your feet. Then make a squat position with your body, so that you will put your hands on the ground. Kick your legs to the back so that you will form a plank position with your body. Afterwards add some push-ups. Lift your arms over your head by jumping up. If you want to challenge your body you may add a tuck jump at the end of the movement so that both of your knees will go up. Practise the exercise for 45 seconds.

  1. Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks may bring so much fun in your process of burning calories. The same are very effective because moves all the muscles of your body.

Start the exercise by jumping your legs to the outside as you are driving your hands over your head. Then you may jump back to the standing position. If you are ready to burn more calories, then with every jumping jack you may cross your legs. At this point you will need to pay attention which leg goes in front. Also it is important your arms to be crossed and be at the chest level all the time. If this is not enough for you, you may also add some squat while you are hopping your legs out. Practise the exercise for 45 seconds.

  1. Break-Dancer Kick

Refresh your memory and think back when was the last time you have been dancing to a point of sweating. It is for sure that the old-school move needs to be included in the process of losing weight, because the same is so much effective.

Start the exercise by placing your body in a push-up position, so that your knees will be down on the floor. Lift your right leg and left hand, make a pivot move with your left foot to the left. At this point you need to kick your right leg so that you may bring your left arm to your chest. By swinging your hips, return your left hand and right foot on the floor. Reverse the motion by driving your left leg to the opposite side. In order to get on the track, keep both your hands on the floor and switch sides by kicking your legs in each direction. Practise the exercise for 45 seconds.