Barber Tells This ‘Shy’ Insurance Man To Grow A Beard, And It Ends Up Transforming His Life

If you think that men who are growing a beard looks untidy and messy, this guy is here to prove you the contrary. Say hello to Gwilym Pugh, a young man at the age of 21 who was running a successful insurance business right from his bedroom. His life was so boring and unhealthy, because he was working from home, spending most of his time in a sedentary position, which caused him certain body injuries and gaining a lot of weigh. More precisely, he was fighting with 280 pounds. One day his life turned upside down when he visited his barber who suggested Gwilym to grow a ginger beard for a change. And that is where all started.

At that period Gwilym has 280 pounds and was working for around 12 hours daily.

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His business was running smoothly, but his life was completely damaged, in terms of the health conditions.

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He was facing with certain injuries because he was constantly sitting for 12 hours every day, and these injuries were stopping him from training any type of exercises at all. If he did not undertake for hs health, then his health condition could go even worse.

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Several years ago, Gwilym and his friends form a folk band. For that reason, his barber suggested him to grow some beard in order to fit into the folk group. The freshly-baked musician took the advice of his barber for granted and grow some beard. The next thing that come up to his mind was complete transformation of his body through a cleaning up diet. That was not the biggest change that he did. The biggest change was actually quitting his sedentary job and start running a healthy lifestyle.

Gwilym who used to spend 10-12 hours in a sitting positing at his working desk, lost 90 pounds over five years. As he was losing weight and continue growing his beard, he created an Instagram account and started sharing pictures of his transformation. Suddenly, Nathan Palmer, who is a successful tailor came across his pictures and then things changed completely.

Today, Gwilym is part of the AMCK Models Agency in London. So far he has worked on campaigns with Bud Light, Vans, Diesel, and other great names from the fashion industry. Believe it or not, his great work and dedication made him an ambassador of the David Beckham’s new male grooming brand known as House 99.

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Gwilym admits that he was a shy person, fighting with body injuries and obesity. Today he could not be happier and healthier doing things that 5 years ago did not even cross his mind.

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Despite the great success he is going through, Gwilym is still humble. He shares that the opportunity and the experience to work with people from the finance sector helped him a lot to cope into the fashion industry. Nevertheless, all the credits go for his girlfriend who was his greatest support through the entire weight-loss journey.

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Image credits: gwilymcpugh

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