Avoid Pain At Any Age and Stay Flexible With These 12 Everyday Stretches

We are living in the modern era and we are running a sedentary life that leads us to feel and experience great number of pains, no matter of the age. The lower back pain, the shoulder tension, the neck tension, and the muscle pain are among the very often pains that most of us are facing.

Most of them are usually treated with painkillers, creams, or gels. The greatest question is how to prevent these pains and avoid experiencing them?

Stretching is listed on the top of the list of things that may prevent any type of muscle pains in our body. The same has an amazing effect and leads to energized body, improved flexibility, improved blood flow, and most important prevents the muscle pain. Despite this, stretching leads to natural relieve of the stiff joints and prevents muscles from injuries.

If you decide to insert stretching of your muscles in your everyday activities, you need to pay attention how you are performing the same. The following article will present to you tips and suggestions in order to do the stretching correctly.

– stretch Slowly

– when stretching be sure that you are stretching slowly;

– if you have chronically tight zones, stretch them;

– use magnesium to relieve the stiffness;

– if you decide to grow your muscles, then you need to do the stretching after your everyday workout;

– in order your muscles to relax, you need to hold your body in a stretching position for 20-30 seconds.

The article also prepared 12 stretches for you in order to help you to relieve and treat the pain in your muscles.

  1. Neck Rotation

Before starting with the exercise, bring your spine in a same line with your neck. Then you may sit down using your chin tuck. Make a movement by turning your head to the right side. Try to stay into this position for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, switch sides, and repeat the same movement with the left side.

  1. Neck Tilt

Use the weight of your arm in order to perform stretching of your neck, as shown on the picture. Make sure that you perform this exercise with both sides of your body.

  1. Fold Over

Position your neck properly, as it is shown on the picture. Then bend your body over in the chair.

  1. Hip Flexor

Start the exercise by laying down your body on an exercise mat. As you are lying down, stretch one of your legs and drive the opposite knee to your chest. Try to stay into this position for 30 seconds, switch legs, and repeat the same movements with the opposite side.

  1. Trunk Rotation

Start the exercise by crossing your arms over your chest. Then you will be able to rotate the trunk. In order to perform the exercise correctly, focus your view over the shoulders. Repeat the exercise on the opposite side too.

  1. Hyperextension

Follow the instructions on the picture and bend a little bit your body while you are sitting on a chair. Make sure that you will out the spice, but you will not go too far.

  1. Trunk Lateral Flexion

Start the exercise by sitting down and bend your body to the side. While you are performing this, you need to lift the opposite side’s hand above your head. Repeat the movements on the other side too.

  1. Leg Extension

In order to perform this stretch, you will need a towel or a band. Follow the instructions on the picture and stay in the showed position for 30 seconds. Then switch legs, and make the same movement with the opposite leg.

  1. Piriformis

Start the exercise by laying down on your back so that your neck and back will be positioned firmly on the ground. Then bring the left ankle over the right thigh, so that the same will be above the knee. Try to stay into this position for several seconds and then you may switch the legs and repeat the same position with the opposite one.

  1. Back Scratch

As you are standing, you will need to reach both your hands behind your back. Pay attention not to hunch over both. Try to stay into this position so that you may hold the stretch for several seconds. Them you may repeat the same position but on the other side.

  1. Quad Stretch

Stand on both your feet in a straight position. Then grab the top of the left foot with your left hand and stay into this position for a several seconds. Then you may switch sides and repeat the same position with the right foot and hand.

  1. Heel Chord

Stand in front of a wall and place your toe on the wall. Your feet should be planted so that you may bend your knee towards the wall. Stay into this position and hold the stretch in order to feel the effect on your back muscles.

If you are following the detailed instructions for each exercise and you are performing the exercises correctly, then you will feel the benefits of these exercises after a short period of time and you will start to enjoy in your pain-free life.

Source: theheartysoul.com