At The Age of 95, Betty White Reveals Her Secret To Staying Young

We all know Betty White, the forever-young lady with 75-year career of acting, comedy, activism, radio, television, and writing behind her. Her life and achievements are still motivating people around the globe.

On January 17th, 2018 she turned 96 and she still looks incredible vivid and attractive with no significant signs that her body or health are going down.

Greater is the number of you who are asking yourself what is her secret to this condition? Today’s article will solve your mystery of Betty White’s youthfulness and freshness.

She is giving the opposite sex as her explanation to her condition of forever young. The only problem here is that no one has the courage to ask this 96-years old lady to reveal more about this interesting issue.

In comparison with her man-hungry roles of the naïve Rose Nylund and Sue Ann Nives she has played, Betty White is apparently not so much different in her real life.

Despite this fact, she never got remarried after the death of her husband Allen Ludden, believe it or not.

At many interviews that she has given, she adds that when you have the best of your life, there is no need of seeking the rest of it. Her body, mind, and health are in a great condition because she is having her own hobbies and she is getting stick to the same. She advises that as people must have one or more hobbies, because as they will start to get into the golden years, these hobbies will be from a great benefit to them.

Another thing that keeps her alive is working with animals. She explains that the love towards them makes her energy refurbished.

Regarding the hobbies, she is so right, because it is medically proven that the hobbies are improving and boosting the immune system, influence on the self-esteem and motivation, reduce stress, improve the quality of one’s sleep, and boost the flexibility.

Staying positive, avoid nervous conditions, and be kind as much as possible is what keeps in condition Betty White. Another advice that she is giving is towards the kindness. She explains that if you want to have a success personally or professionally, then you need to insert a dose of kindness in your life. There comes irritated or upset situations where the best will it be to stay calm and avoid saying hurtful things. Hurtful things cannot vanish later, they stick around and have a negative influence on other’s self-esteem, mood, and motivation.