Apple Cider Vinegar and Cayenne Pepper Mixture Can Heal Knee, Bone and Joint Pain

The arthritis is defined as an inflammation of the joint tissues. In a situation when the affection is on several joints, then the disease is defined as polyarthritis. The arthritis is a rheumatoid disease and the reason for the same still cannot be detected. The only fact that is known to the medicine is that the process is triggered by a chronic infection which leads to a cause of autoimmune damage. The autoimmune damage can be explained as a process when the immunity of one person attacks his own joints.

The arthritis is also related with the metabolic issues too. It is interesting how the defeat of the joins is symmetrical i.e. it is presented at the both knees or both elbows. The pain is more expressed when the patient is resting. This means that in the morning the patient will feel stronger pain and discomfort. If the arthritis is not treated immediately then the joints will continue to collapse.

Most of the patients think that there is no treatment for this disease because they consider that even if there is some treatment the rheumatoid arthritis will not respond to it at all.

The fact is that the joints will be less affected if the inflammatory process is more and more suppressed. It is true that the cause of this disease cannot be eliminated, but what the modern medicine is trying is to lower the inflammation of the same.

Today’s article will suggest to you a remedy that you can prepare at home. The results of the same are astonishing, as the people who tried the same shared with us.  The ingredients needed for this recipe are the following:

– 2 tablespoons powder of cayenne pepper;

– 1 cup of apple cider vinegar or ½ cup of warmed extra virgin oil; and

– ½ inch of grated ginger.

The procedure is the following:

You need to add the gated ginger and the cayenne pepper into the apple cider vinegar or into the warm olive oil. Then you need to mix it well all together until the same turns into a homogeneous paste.  When done, apply the paste to all the areas of your body that are affected by arthritis. You need to apply the paste, two times a day and to live it to soak for 20-30 minutes. After 30 minutes, rinse the area with a warm water and dry the same. If some extra paste left it, store the same into the refrigerator. Next day before applying the same paste, stir it.

The arthritis is no joke. The sooner you start to heel it, the better. This remedy will help you to manage the deadly effects on time.