Add These 7 Things to Your Water to Lose Weight and Fight Inflammation!

Our bodies are composed mostly of water and that is why the water is something that is keeping us to live. It is a common fact that we need to drink 8-10 glasses of water per day in order to maintain an optimal health. It is from great importance the water that we are drinking to be fresh and clean.

Another benefit of the water is that the same prevents our health and organism of diseases. If we do not drink water as much as it is needed to our body, we will turn into crummy persons and great number of health diseases may become a threat to our body.

Despite the consumption of the water as that, there are many other ingredients that we may add to our everyday diet and that will boost the level of water in our organism. Today’s article will present to you several superfoods and super-herbs that need to be consumed in order to boost our water’s health outcome.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

The apple cider vinegar is used as a home remedy for many centuries. The same is very beneficial in terms of regulation of the body’s acidity or pH levels, relieving the heartburn, preventing seasonal illness, reducing inflammation, and easing the work of the digestive system.

Additionally, the apple cider vinegar has the ability to reduce the inflammation in the body, since the same is the root for many chronic issues. Also, the consumption of the apple sider vinegar will help you in the process of weight-loss and will stabilize the level of your blood sugar. One study published in the Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism in 2010 was testing the influence that the apple cider vinegar might have on the blood sugar. The results showed that even a small amount of apple cider vinegar consumed into one’s organism through meals composed of complex carbohydrates have beneficial influence on the human’s organism similar to a placebo effect. The leading author of the study, Carol Johnston of the Arizona University, explains that the acetic acid which is one among the many components of the vinegar, influences the body’s ability to digest starch. At this point the starch is getting broken down into calories in the bloodstream, which has a positive effect upon the weight loss.

Additionally, the authors of another study which was published in the Medscape general Medicine in 2006, claim that the antiglycemic effect that the vinegar has showed important implications on the insulin-resistant subjects.

Tip: Always buy unfiltered, raw, organic apple cider vinegar, which has a cloudy look and is rich with ‘mother’, a web-looking substance. Every morning mix one tablespoon of vinegar into a glass of warm water and drink the content on an empty stomach.

  1. Lemon

If we look back in the history, many centuries ago the lemon has been used as a natural remedy for many issues, starting from aiding digestion, detoxification, and liver cleansing. Lemons are great when the immune system needs to be improved, because the same are known for their antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Additionally, once you will consume lemon in your organism, the same turns into an alkaline inside your body and promotes boosted energy and balanced pH levels.

If you are struggling with inflammation, you definitely need to consume lemons, because the same are defined as important antioxidants and nutrients, which helps in the process of refreshing and nourishing the body. According to one study published in Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, the lemon is defined as citrus genius among many fruits. Many researches has proven that the lemon is rich in vitamins, minerals, essential oils, carotenoids, and dietary fibres.

Tip: Adopt a healthy habit to drink a lemon water, something that could not be easier to be made. Take one fresh and organic lemon and squeeze the same into a glass of water. Drink that content every morning and feel the freshness that you will get right at the start of the day.

  1. Unrefined Salt

The media usually knows to distort the amount of salt that we are allowed to enter into our bodies. In fact, there is one recent study that has proven that consuming less salt that it is needed to our organism may be even more dangerous rather than consuming much salt than our organism needs. You need to keep in mind that all these discussions are about processed salt, not the unrefined one.

One study published in Exercise and Sports Sciences Reviews in 2001 reveals that the salt deficiency may appear as a potentially life-threatening issue regarding a prolonged exercise. This condition may appear as a result of the loose of sodium that is found in the sweat or excessive water intake.

If you are type of person that is doing hard exercises very frequently and is sweating a lot, in order to prevent your organism of the previously mentioned conditions, all you have to do is just a pinch of Himalayan salt crystals to a glass of water. Additionally, the processed salt prevents your body from hyponatremia, helps in the reduction of inflammation, and promote healthy digestion.

Tip:  Prepare some warm salt water on your own and experience the benefits of the same.

  1. Raw Honey

The raw honey is really tasteful and beneficial when is mixed with apple cider vinegar or lemon. But its benefits do not stop here. Although it is used to provide delicious flavour to many foods and recipes, the same may be used as prevention of allergy symptoms. Additionally, the raw honey has a beneficial help when cough or cold comes to question. One study that was implemented at the University of Pennsylvania in 2007 proved that the raw honey may prevent coughs at children who were affected by a serious respiratory infection.

Tip: Mix a tablespoon of raw honey into a glass of water and drink the content. If you cannot find a local honey, then try to find the certified Manuka honey at the supermarkets.

  1. Lemongrass

The lemongrass is known as cymbopogon too. The same is mentioned for the first time in the traditional Ayurveda and Chinese medicine in the ancient times. The lemongrass is often related with antiseptic, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. The same contains a great amount of vitamin C and for that reason is considered as cure-all medication. Several of its benefits include: detoxing the body, aiding digestion, mitigating the symptoms of the seasonal illnesses, relieving pain, cleaning the skin, and reducing insomnia and anxiety.

Tip: Make a cup of tea for yourself from organic lemongrass stalks and distilled water. If you do not like this opinion, you may add a lemongrass to a pitcher of water. Then let the content to stay as that for several hours and you may drink it during the entire day.

  1. Cinnamon

Despite its delicious flavour, the cinnamon has many health benefits for your body. The same is rich with manganese, calcium, and essential oils that have anti-inflammatory properties. The cinnamon contains cinnamaldehyde, an ingredient that improves the blood circulation and prevents organism from heart attack and stroke. Additionally, the cinnamon is used for lowering the blood sugar and improving the insulin sensitivity. That is why everybody who is having diabetic or pre-diabetic issues must consume this spice as part of his everyday diet.

Tip: You may prepare to yourself a morning drink by adding half teaspoon or entire teaspoon of cinnamon into a glass of water. If you do not like this option, you may add whole organic cinnamon stick to a brewed tea or infused pitcher. These cinnamon drinks are as beneficial as the drinks with raw honey, apple cider vinegar, and lemon water.

  1. Oregano

This herb is rich with antioxidant compounds and may neutralize the free radicals that are in your body. Among the many antioxidant compounds, the rosmarinic acid is the ingredient that must be mentioned at most beneficial one. It is recommended to add the oregano into your everyday portions because the same may prevent your organism from different chronic illnesses, such as heart disease and different types of cancer. Also the antioxidant compound of the oregano protects the cells in the body from harm.

Once study published at the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry in 2001, tested the benefits that the human’s organism may have from different herbs, and the ultimate results listed the oregano on the top of the list as the most beneficial one i.e. between 3 and 20 times the antioxidant levels of all those herbs that were tested. The study also noticed that oregano has 42 times greater antioxidant activity than apples, 12 times greater antioxidant activity than the oranges, and 4 times greater antioxidant activity than the blueberries.

Tip: Put some organic oregano leaves into a pitcher of water and drink the content during the entire day.

Although all these water additions are natural and very beneficial, it is always smart to check their properties and consult with an expert from that field, in order unpleasant conditions to be escaped.