Add These 3 Things To Lemon Water To Drop Weight Fast

The greatest mysteries of our time is how to lose the extra weight that we have on our body? It is no secret that greater is the amount of people who are facing with obesity and as a result of it have bad health conditions. Before starting to discuss how to eliminate the extra pounds from our body, let’s have a closer look at this dangerous trend titled as body fat or obesity.

  1. Billion Dollar Industry Titled as Weight Loss

According to the latest researches done, around 70% of the American population is characterized as overweight or more precisely, one of three Americans are fighting with obesity. The saddest thing about it is that if you are struggling with overweight you are entering into the weight-loss industry, consciously or unconsciously. This industry will not present to you the true picture about each diet offered to you. Instead, will present to you more and more new diets, that will be easily available to you. The same will mean billions of dollars of profit for this industry.

Going back in 2015, companies such as Weight Watchers that were offering services how to lose your extra weight, earned $6.3 billion, believe it or not. As these companies are getting richer and richer we are becoming sicker and sicker, filling our bodies with different pills and supplements. The reality is that we cannot lose our extra weight simply by consuming a capsule, as it is presented by these companies.

  1. Trendy Diets

The greatest illusion presented to us is that we as customers are making an optimal choice by consuming this so called healthy products that will reduce our extra weight. The low-fat craze is just one example of that. These health foods are actually sabotaging our health. For instance, if you go for a zero-fat yogurt instead or a regular one, it means that you skimp out on fat which is important for our bodies, and consume great amount of sugar.

Once the obesity and overweight were treated as health issues, the food industry profited from that rapidly. Do not forget that the food industry and the weight-loss industry has the same aim – making more and more money. What they have succeeded is presented as a vicious cycle i.e. we as costumers are purchasing continuously overly processed food, packed with additives and chemicals, and later we are looking for magic capsule to reduce the extra weight produced from that processed food.

  1. Back to Basics

It could not be telling that the weight loss is an easy process, but it is much simpler that is presented to us. The possible strategy may be presented through the adaption of new lifestyle, consuming a balanced food, and becoming more and more physically active. The willpower that we possess is not always enough, so the question of what can we do to achieve results, remains?

The best answer of this question is culinary mindfulness i.e. becoming more mindful of what we are consuming, how much food we are consuming, and who is making company to us while we are eating? As we start to consume food that is maximizing our efforts, we will become much and much aware of the relation between the food that we are eating and our health.

  1. Jot some Ideas Down

You can start with this awareness by making a list of weight-friendly foods. Small is the number of people who know that not all calories that we are consuming are equal. For instance, consuming 500 calories of mix of oatmeal, honey, and berries are not the same with the 500 calories of French fries. When you will start to enters your body food that it craves, such as wild-caught fish, dark leafy greens, beans, apple cider vinegar, beans, vegetables, seeds, chilies, and coconut oil, the losing-weight issue will no longer be impossible thing for you.

The answer in this battle that you are going through lies in the reduction of processed junk food, and replacing the same with healthy one, such as lemon water, mixed with cayenne, raw honey, and cayenne.

  1. The Lemon Drink That Will Help You in the Process of Slimming

There is a great offer of drinks that you may prepare to yourself and the same will help you to address your well-being. As part of the balanced diet, the detoxifying water is an ingredient that will help you to lose weight too.

  1. Lemon Water

For beginning, the consummation of a lemon water will act as a foundation to your body. People who are addicted to sodas or high-sugar fruit juices now can replace the same with this instant beverage which will make some wonders to your body. If you do not think so, that the only benefit of it is that you will stayed hydrated, which is essential for your metabolism.

A study of the benefits of the lemon water was conducted. In the same participants were mice and a lemon water was given to them. The ultimate results showed suppressed body weight gain and body fat accumulation. The mice were divided into three groups, mice that were fed with a low-fat diet, mice that were fed with high-fat diet, and mice that were fed with high-fat diet supplemented with 0.5% lemon polyphenols known as extract from the lemon peel. The final results showed that the mice that were fed with high-fat diet supplemented with 0.5% lemon polyphenols had improved lipid metabolism, insulin resistance, and lower obesity.

  1. Cayenne

The cayenne is an herb that has a great benefit on the organism i.e. optimizes weight loss by curbing one’s appetite, impregnates your organism, and help you burning calories. All these benefits are thanks to the active component titled as capsaicin. This component offers thermogenic properties, speeding your metabolism.

The latest results have shown that the cayenne increases not only the fat oxidation, but the energy expenditure too. If you combine this herb with a lemon water, then the level of the toxins in your body will become reduced and your metabolism will function much better.

  1. Raw Honey

The raw honey is added into many foods not only to help you in the process of losing weight, but also to make your food or drink tastes better. In the latest years, greater is the number of people who are addicted to the ‘Honey Diet’ which helped their metabolism to change while they were busting sugar cravings.

Inside our brain there are enormous amount of cells and each cell is surrounded by glial cells. The glial cells are defined as monitors of the blood sugar in our brain, checking if the brain has enough sugar to function correctly. This means that these cells are measuring the density of sugar in our blood too, by the help of microscopic pumps. If we are consuming cookies, sodas, or other processed food that contain high level of sugar, then these pumps may shout down.

Although the function of these cells is to protect our brain from sugar overcharge, it often may turn into sugar cravings. So if problem as this occurs, consuming honey, instead of a cake is much more beneficial. If you decide to add some raw honey to your lemon water, be sure that you will have a great benefit.

  1. Cinnamon

If are having issuing with regulation of your blood sugar, then consummation of the cinnamon will increase the metabolism of glucose. If the level of your blood sugar is high, the same may lead to diabetes and increased storage of body fats.

One study published in PloS ONE researched the benefits of the cinnamon on mice. The experts found that the cinnamon improved the brain activity and the insulin sensibility of the mice. The same lowered the levels of their triglyceride and increase the level of glycogen in the liver, which lead to decreased liver fat.

  1. Ingredients for Making Lemon Drink

The ingredients needed for preparation of the lemon water are the following:

– 1 glass of warm water;

– 1 tablespoon of raw honey;

– 1 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice;

– ¼ tablespoon of cinnamon; and

– a dash of cayenne pepper.

First you need to warm a glass of water, then to add all the ingredients inside, and mix all of it.

Consume this mix three times per day in a period of two weeks, around 30 minutes before each meal. After two weeks start consuming the drink one a day before breakfast.

Start consuming this drink and keep in mind that being overweight is hard, but losing weight is hard too. That is why you need to pick your hard and change your life by changing your diet.