About Us


First I would like to introduce myself – I am Natalija Ilijevska from Republic of Macedonia, I have 20 years and I am a medicine student. I created this site in order to present you my knowledge and experience with fitness and diet, and to help you achieve what I achieved – to transform myself from 90 kg and height of 167 cm, to now amazing 56 kg. Of course it’s not easy at the beginning, it was almost impossible, a had a lack of motivation and nobody to help me, but the PERSISTENCE gave results at the end. At the beginning I had no knowledge in trainings and diets, and that is the main reason why I am working on this site – to help all the beginners and people that want to exercise achieve some good results!

You really need this content, even though it looks pointless like I also thought at the beginning, but believe me it’s not pointless at all!

When I started to search on google and to read, learn and search the exercises on youtube and practice them, in a short time I noticed some results on my body, I was really satisfied, but I never thought of stopping.

Today I keep all those documents and videos (I have some of my own videos) that in the future I will share them with you. Everything I ever trained and practiced will be written from my team, and everything that I thought is needed but I didn’t have the time to do it myself, I will recommend it to you to try it and share the results, so we can together help other people that want results.

I hope that one day I will deserve your trust!

Thank you!

Kind regards