A Chiropractor Warns: Don’t Sleep On Your Right Side

You will get devastated by the fact that around 40% of the American population is not sleeping well enough. Not sleeping as much as it is recommended leads to cause of different healthy issues and conditions, such as weigh gain, depression, and increased blood pressure. Although some of the people who are sleeping the recommended 7-8 hours during the night may get complications in their health just because they do not sleep properly. The latest studies have shown that the sleeping position that might seems the most comfortable for you, actually may be the main reason for the constant pain that you are feeling in your stomach, shoulder, or back. According to the well-established chiropractor, if most of the time you are sleeping on your right side, then you should stop that immediately.

Dr. John Douillard, who is a sleep expert and chiropractor, explains that sleeping on your left side may bring you certain benefits regarding your body and health. This means that the position you are sleeping at may be crucial for your health overall.

Following are 4 reasons which are scientifically proven why you should sleep on your left side and not on the right side.

  1. Digestion

If you are having healthy eating habits, but you are constantly feeling bloated or you are just facing with digestion problems, the cause may be looked into so many reasons. One of that reasons is sleeping on your right side. The pancreas and the stomach are placed on the left side of the body, so if you want to help your pancreas and stomach to function properly, then you will have to start sleeping on the left side. Maybe you do not know, but when you are going to bed, the undigested toxins in your body are starting to move from the small into the large intestine, until they get to the colon. If you start sleeping on the left side, you will help these toxins to run more smoothly to the colon and easy the entire process. Additionally, most of the doctors and nutritionists are suggesting having a little nap on your left side once you will have finished with a big meal.

  1. Heart Health

We all know that the heart is placed on the left side. That is why is recommended to sleep on the left side so that you can allow smoother blood flow towards your heart. We are going through so many stressful situations during the day, so do not want to put your heart on stress when you are sleeping to. That is why you should start sleeping on the left side and give a rest to your heart.

  1. Pregnant Women

All of the pregnant women need to try to sleep on the left side, because as that they are taking off the pressure of their back, but they are helping the blood flow easily to go to the foetus and uterus. Greater is the number of pregnant women who are facing with spine issues, so sleeping on the left side will just relieve the pressure on their spine. Additionally, they will help the nutrients to get to the placenta very easily, so that their baby will remain healthy during the entire pregnancy. The best sleeping positing for a pregnant woman is on the left side, knees bend, and with a pillow between the knees.

  1. Snoring

If you are facing with a snoring situations r more precisely you cannot sleep at night just because your partner is snoring so loudly, then you will need to ask him to start sleeping on the left side. The reason for that is that when he will sleep on the left side, he will keep the throat and the tongue into a neutral position which will not lead to snoring.  As this your partner will breathe properly because he will have a clear airway. It is a well-known fact that if you are sleeping on your back, you are just increasing the intensity of the snoring because you are pushing your muscles to the back of your throat.

Once you have learned why you should start sleeping on the left side, several tips will be presented to you how to maintain a good sleep.

  1. Body’s Sleep Cycle

The easiest way to keep your body’s sleep cycle is to go to bed at the same time every night. As this you will help your body to set an internal clock. Getting in the morning without setting an alarm is a great proof that your body had enough sleep. Additionally, you should keep this routine even during the weekends. It means that you should not get overslept during the weekends because as that you will ruin your sleeping schedule and start feeling jetlag more and more.

  1. Avoid the Light

We all know that the melatonin is the component responsible for a good night’s sleep. You must learn that the brain produces more melatonin when it is dark. Thus, you should start avoiding any light when you are trying to sleep at night. If there is even a little light, then the same will interrupt your melatonin and you will not be able to get enough sleep. If you are among those people who are addicted to TV and cannot fall asleep without watching a TV, then the best thing you can do is just lower the brightness of your TV so that you will help yourself to fall asleep quicker.

  1. Pay Attention on What You Eat and Drink

So far you have to be familiar with the fact that the type of food and drinks that you are consuming during the day, will have a great impact on your sleep at night. The thing that you do not know is that consuming caffeine may cause sleeping issues 10-12 after in-taking the same. If you are having dinner try the dinner to be lighter and to consume it earlier. This is a must rule for the acidic and spicy foods because the same are causing heartburn, an having heartburn means almost no sleep at all.

  1. Clean Your Head

One of the greatest reasons why people cannot fall asleep at night is because they are having too much thoughts running on their mind. Stress, worries, angler, and anxiety are among the many reasons that are making you to re-think over and over again and not fall asleep at night. If you are facing with any of these conditions, it would be the best t learn how to manage and handle your stress in a productive way so that you will have a quality sleep at night. If you are overstimulating your brain during the day, you will cause to yourself not to be able to shut it off at night when you will need to fall asleep and get rest.

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