A 3-Minute Workout That Burns Belly Fat

Always you should be aware that your busy time shouldn’t influence your physical condition. Maybe, you think that you need to spend hours on abs exercises to sculpt an enviable core, however, in this article you’ll see another possibility how to do it. You need only three minutes with this high-intensity workout, designed by BFX Studio trainer Bianca Vesco. It will burn belly fat and raise your heart rate.

How to do

Perform 30 seconds the exercises bellow, alternating them without breaks for a total of three minutes, as many reps as you can.  Repeat this workout up to five times a week to improve results.

  1. Mountain Climbers


–           Starting position – push-up position with your shoulders stacked over your wrists.

–           Engaging your core to drive your left knee in toward your chest.

–           Return the left foot back to starting position, while you are driving your right knee in toward your chest.

–           Alternate legs in quick succession.

  1. Windshield Wiper Knees


–           Starting position – lying on your back with your arms near your sides and palms pressed against the ground.

–           Bending your knees 90 degrees, raise your feet off the ground until your knees are stacked above your hips.

–           Keep your lower back pressed against the floor, engaging your core to tilt both legs to the left, then to the right side to complete one rep, and continue to alternate.

  1. Standing Cross-Body Crunches


–           Starting position: standing with your feet, shoulders-width apart.

–           Bending your arms 90 degrees, raise them out to the sides, keeping fists clenched and your palms facing forward.

–           Engaging your core, drive your right knee toward your left shoulder, without dropping your arms, then return to starting position.

–           Repeat on the opposite side,

–           Return to starting position and continue to alternate sides.

  1. Jackknife Snow Angels


–           Starting position: lying on your back with arms stretched overhead and legs extended out in front of you.

–           Engaging your core, simultaneously raise your upper body and legs until your body forms a high “V.”

–           Bringing your arms forward, extend them at chest level then bring your arms back up overhead. Release your legs with control until they’re flying just a few inches off the floor.

–           Open your legs into a low “V”, opening your arms out to the sides and reach toward your feet.

–           Then back to starting position. That completes one rep.