Yoga Posture Which Can Help You Lose Your Weight at Home

The yoga is a physical activity that has great benefits on our body and health. Most of the people are not aware that the yoga can actually help them in the process of burning calories and losing extra weight. In the modern era the greater is the number of people who are practising yoga for improvement of their metabolism and overall wellness.

The following article will introduce you to several yoga poses that will be extremely beneficial for losing your extra weight.

  1. Cat Pose

To start this pose you need to place your body on all fours on a yoga mat and make sure that your shoulders and wrists are in a same line. The same goes for your hips and knees. Open your hands in a flat position on the yoga mat and relax. Breathe and try to bend your back so that your tummy gets tucked. Repeat this exercise for ten times.

  1. Sarvangasana

Start the exercise with the pose of savasana. You will reach the pose of savasana by placing your body facing up with the ground, the legs spread, and the arms alongside the body. As you will do this pose, then bring your legs close to the chest so that you can lift your lower part of the body. Afterwards you need to lift your legs slowly. In order to that you need to place your hands on your back. The position of your body need to be in a straight line with the upper arm so that your back can be supported. Try to stay into this position for a few seconds and return your body to the starting position.

  1. Cobra Pose

Start the exercise by lying down on your stomach. Then put your hands on the floor in the same line with your shoulders. Then start to straighten them and raise your chest so that your thighs, legs, and feet stay on the floor. Put your head back and try to hold your body in this position for 30 seconds. Repeat this exercise for ten times.

  1. Savasasna

Start the exercise by laying down on the ground with your back. Your legs need to be in a straight position and your arms need to be at the sides of the body. Then start releasing your body and relaxing your face. While doing this close your eyes. Let the breathing process occurs naturally. Stay in this position for five minutes. The exercise takes 30 minutes of practice. If you need to end with the exercise, first you need to breathe deeply and then start with slow movements.

  1. Downward Dog at the Wall

Stand in front of a wall, facing the same so that your hands will be at the same high with your waist. As doing this walk your feet back. Then raise the sitting balls to the ceiling while you are pushing the hands to the wall. You should start feeling stretching of your body. Breathe deeply for six times and you can finish with the pose. Repeat the same for a few times.

  1. Bridge

Start the pose by laying down on your back, placing your arms next to your body, and your hands faced down. Then your fingertips need to graze your heels. You will do this by walking your feet back. Put the entire weight in your feet and lift your hips up. Breathe deeply for ten times and you can finish with this exercise. Repeat the same for several times.

  1. Bow Pose

Start the exercise by lying down on your stomach. Then curve your knees so that your ankles be hold by your hands. Afterwards lift your chest off the ground. Regarding your legs, the same need to be pulled up and back. Keep your body at this position, take deep breathes, and try to relax. When 20 seconds will pass, return your legs and chest to the ground and make a pause. Repeat the pose for ten times.

  1. Plank

Place your body on the ground as you are going to make push ups. This means that the upper part of your body needs to be in a straight line with your toes and elbows, as you are lifting the same. Try to stay into this position, breathe deeply, and feel how all the muscles of your body are getting strong. When the buttock muscles get contracted, then divide the weight into both legs and both elbows equally, so that you reach greater balance.

If you start doing these yoga poses at your home on a regular day to day basis your body will become slimmer only after one month. Don’t think twice and start doing this yoga session so that your body can benefit and get more beautiful.