8 – Minute Evening Workout Before Bed

Even it may sound weird to you, you need to face with the fact that working out before going to sleep may have great benefit on your body. In addition, some experts claim that you will have problems falling asleep if you are working out before going to bed, because your organism instead of calming will become too active.

Still we have something completely different to offer you. The next 8-minute exercises that you will read will make you sleep as a baby if you start doing them, and the most important will make you lose weight while you are in your deepest dream. Stop making fun of the fact that you may lose weight while you are sleeping, and concentrate on the set of exercises that will boost your metabolism and burn your fat. Do not be afraid that when you will finish with the set of exercises you will be all sweaty and out of breath.

It may sound strange to you, but exercising 8 minutes before falling asleep is the right thing if you want to reduce your weight.

  1. Rear Leg Raises

Place your body in a horizontal position.

You are head need to be placed forward and the bend of your knees needs to reach an angle of 90-degrees between the calves and the hamstring.

This is your starting point. Then carefully you need to extend one leg up and behind you, but pay attention on your hip and knee because both of them need to be extended too.

Make 5-10 repetitions of the exercise and then switch sides.

  1. Reverse Plank with Leg Fit

Begin the exercise by sitting on your butt with the legs in a straight position.

Then bring your hands few inches behind you and make sure that your fingertips are facing your toes.

In the next phase of the exercise, press onto your feet and alter you butt off the ground. Then try your body to stay in a diagonal position.

If you have issues with your wrists, then you can do the exercise on your elbows.

When you will be done with this you need to switch your right leg up and then the left one. Pay attention to move carefully and with control.

Your moves need to be slowly and steady, not allowing your hips to go down.

  1. Barbell Glute Bridge

Start the exercise as you are sitting on your butt on the ground with a barbell over your legs.

A discomfort may appear while doing this exercise, so in order to reduce the same you need to have a pad on the bar or to use a fat bar solely.

Then continue the exercise by rolling the bar so the bar to be directly above your hips. Then lay down your body on the floor.

Once you lay down on the floor start the new movement with your heels. Drive your heels by extending them in a vertical position through the bar.

Your upper back and the heels of your feet need to support your weight through this movement. While exercising extend your body as much as you can.

When you will be done, reverse the motion and start with the exercise from the beginning.

  1. Lunge

Place your body in a lower position until your thigh is a parallel to the floor. In the same time your right shin need to be in a vertical position.

Do not be afraid or confused if your knee moves a little bit forward as far as it is not going past the right toe.

While the weight is in your right heel try to tap your left knee if possible.

Then try to press into your right heel in order to be able to go back to the position as you have started.

  1. Dumbbell Split Jump

Start the exercise in a standing position.

Try your torso to be straight as much as it is possible.

Regarding your body, you need to lower the same to a position of a split squat.

Then jump quickly, position your legs as scissor, and finish by landing your opposite leg forward.

  1. Windshield Wipers

Place an exercise mat on the floor, lie down on the same without forming an arch of your spine.

Then extend your arms aside fixing your hands on the ground in order to form a ‘T’ shape of your upper body.

When starting the exercise, you need to raise your legs so that your knees and legs make an angle of 90 degrees.

Afterwards raise your legs so that both of your tights touching each other or the lower tight is touching the floor.

Do not forget to breath out while you are doing this part of the exercise. When finishing this part make a pause for a while and then change the side.

One set of the exercise is done when you will finish doing the exercise on both sides. Repeat the exercise as many time as you wish, but most important as much as you can.

  1. Mason Twist/ Weighted Russian

Place an exercise mat on the floor and then sit on the same.

Make sure that your upper body is straightened enough and your legs completely extended.

Between the both hands grip a weight plate and hold the same in front of your abdomen so that your arms will be slightly bent.

Then you need to cross your ankles and start to raise them off the floor but slightly. Regarding the knees, you need to bend them towards you.

To balance your body, you need to lean back around 15 degrees.

All these instructions are part of the starting position of the exercise.

Slowly turn your torso to the left trying to touch the plate on the floor.

Do not forget to breathe out while you exercising.

Once finishing go back to the starting position and breath in and out as you do so.

  1. Butt Lift (Bridge)

Lie on the floor in a complete horizontal position.

Place the hands by your side and bent the knees.

The feet need to be positioned around the width of the shoulder.

This position of the body is your starting point for the exercise.

Use mainly your heels to push.

Then you need to lift your hips off the ground, but your back need to remain straight. Inhale while you are performing this part of the exercise and try to stay at the top just for a second.

At the end slowly go back to the position at which you have started and finish the exercise. Do not forget to breath in.