7 Tummy-Toning Exercises You Can Do In A Chair

The office job is so good and comfortable compared with the jobs that people need to do outside or on a factory line, all day in a standing position. The fact is that comfortability that people with office job have is not so good when take into the consideration that they are in a sitting position for 8 hours, more less.

Recent studies have detected that people who are spending most of their working hours in prolonged periods can face with healthy issues in terms of risk of diabetes, cancer, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases.

The following article will suggest you series of mini exercises that you can practice at your office desk, without any additional equipment needed. The same will decrease the risk of the previously mentioned diseases that may occur in your organism.

  1. Knee-to-Chest Lift

This exercise is good for strengthening your abdominal muscles. The same will help you to burn your extra fat and will improve your digestion.

Start the exercise by sitting on a chair that has got straight spine. In this position it is important your back not to touch the chair. Your feet need to be on the floor on a distance same as your hip width. Then lift your right knee and bring it to your chest, without spinning your back. Your belly needs to be sucked in. Draw your knees closer as you are putting your hands on your shin. Once you will be done with the exercise, repeat the same 20 to 30 times by alternating your knees.

  1. Double Knee Lift

The exercise is good for your belly muscles.

Start the exercise by bringing your legs together and holding the sides of the chair with both of your hands. Lift your knees and bring them to your chest, trying not to spin your back. At this position your abdominal muscles will be flexed. Then put your feet down, but do not touch the ground. Once you are done, repeat the exercise 10 to 20 times.

  1. Double Knee Lift with Side Bends

The exercise is good for shaping of your waist. In the same time burns the fats from the sides of your belly and moves your oblique muscles.

Start the exercise by sitting on the edge of your chair. While your back is in a straight position, grip the armrests with both your hands. Then bend your body on the side and sit on your glute. Put your legs together and lift both of your knees to the chest. You may return to the starting position. Once you are done with this movement you can repeat the entire exercise on the other side.

  1. Toe Touches

The exercise is effective when the fats on your belly sides and hips come to question.

Start the exercise by keeping your knees on the floor on a distance same as the chair. Extend your arms in front of you, so that they will be on a high same as your shoulders. Then you need to make a movement so your body will turn to right. Once it is turn you need to bend your body and touch your left foot with your right hands. Stay in this position for several second while you are breathing properly. Then you can return to the starting position. Once you finish with the right side you can turn your body to the left side and repeat the same movements i.e. you will need to touch your right foot with your left hand this time. When you will be done with the left side too, you can repeat the exercise for 20 to 30 times alternating sides.

  1. Full Body Fit

The exercise is very effective because burns the fats very fast. The same is good for toning your back, belly, and shoulders.

An important notice that you need to follow before starting the exercise is to check whether your chair is quite stable so that the arms and the legs of the chair can support your weight. You should not practise this exercise on a chair with wheels.

Start the exercise by sitting on the chair, with your hands put on the arms of the chair tightly. Next step is to lift your body above the seat of the chair, so that your legs and hips will be into the air. By the help of your abdominal muscles raise your knees and bring them to your chest. Try to stay into this position for about 15 to 20 second and then go back to the starting position. Repeat the exercise for 4 times.

  1. Knee-to-Elbow Lift

This exercise is good because practise your oblique and lower abdominal muscles and slims your waist.

Start the exercise by sitting on your chair, with your back straight, not touching the chair. Your hands need to go behind your head. Once you do that, you can lift your right knee up to the chest. Your torso then need to be twisted and bent so that your left elbow may touch your right knee. Once you are done with this you may return to the staring position. Then repeat the same movements, but this time you will lift your left knee up to your chest, so that your right elbow will touch your left knee. The exercise need to be repeated 15 times for each side.

  1. Oblique Stretches

The exercise is good for your glutes, because strengthen the same and helps you to burn the fats around your waist and stomach.

Start the exercise by standing next to your chair and placing your left hand on the arm of the chair. The right hand need to be raised above your head. Then lift your right leg and bend your knee so that your boom needs to be nearly touched by your heel. Carefully make a movement so that your right hand will go lower and will touch the heel of your foot. Go back to the starting position, change the leg and the hand and do the same movements. You need to repeat the exercise 10 to 15 times per each side i.e. you need to make series of 4 for each side.