7 Moves to Burn 400 Calories in 20 Minutes

Nowadays the greater is the number of people who are becoming fans of the kettlebell exercises and there is a great reason for that.

These exercises are not only time-saving, but the same are a great combination of cardio and strength training too. When burning calories through these exercises come to question, the amount is amazingly high. The American Council on Exercise made a study regarding people who while exercising are using kettlebells. The ultimate results showed that each average person who practises kettlebell exercises for 20 minutes burns 400 calories. The research also showed significant improvement in the pain around shoulders, neck, back, upper body muscles, and core.

If you these data convinced you that the kettlebell exercises may be very beneficial to you and your body, then the following article will guide you through a list of proper exercises that will help you in the process of burning calories and strengthening your muscles.

  1. Safety First

If this is your first time using kettlebell while exercising, then you need to pay a certain attention to your moves. This is so because kettlebell is quite different of lifting dumbbells. It is really important how you are holding the kettlebell, since most of the kettlebell exercises includes a lot of swinging moves. So the first thing you need to learn is how to hold the kettlebells in order not to injure yourself. For the beginning, it is good to start with a lighter weight. Once you get used to the kettlebell then you may start with more effective kettlebell exercises.

The following article will introduce to you 5 types of kettlebell exercises, among which the first three will help you to determine whether you have chosen the right size of the kettlebell, as well to get used to it.

  1. Kettlebell Deadlift

If you tend to improve your posture and lift your butt in the same time, then the deadlifts are the right choice for you. Start the exercise by holding a kettlebell in one of your hands while you are making a single-leg deadlift. It is very important your waist to be bend and your back to stay in a straight position. As this you need to be able to control all your movements while you are raising your back. The detailed guidelines for this exercise are the following:

– with your right hand hold a kettlebell between 10-20 pounds of weight. While you are holding the kettlebell raise your left foot of the ground;

– As you are leaning your torso to the front, raise your left leg and make sure that the same is in a same line with your body. At this position your back needs to be in a neutral position. While making this movement the kettlebell will go towards the ground. Regarding your left shoulder blade, the same need to be pulled down your back;

– return to the starting position by keeping your back straight.

– Once you have returned to the starting position means that you have completed one repetition. If you want to maximize your move, then keep your right foot off the floor while you are making the rest of the repetitions;

– make three sets of 12 repetitions for one leg, then switch the legs, and make the same movements and repetitions with the other leg.

  1. Turkish Get-Up

If you decide to practise the Turkish get-up be prepared that your arms will killing you afterwards. The good thing is that after a short period of time, you will get used to the pain and you will get well-defined and strong arms. The detailed instructions for this exercise are the following:

– start the exercise by lying down on your back so that your right knee will be bent and your right arms will be positioned towards the celling. Regarding your left arm, the same need to be in a position lower than your shoulder and out to the side;

– before bringing your body into a sitting position without lowering your right arm, focus your eyes on your right hand. Afterwards lean your body towards your left hand so that you will prepare yourself for the next move;

– in order to lift your pelvis off the ground, press your entire weight into your left hand. Do not take your eyes off your right hand;

– in order to place your left knee directly under your left hip, you need to shoot your left leg to the back. At this position your arms need to be in a straight position with the right hand that is towards the ceiling and the left hand that is on the floor. As you are bending to the left do not take your eyes off the right hand;

– as you are looking at your right hand, push off the ground using your left hand and keep your torso in a straight position;

– stand onto your feet and bring your left leg to the front so that the same may meet the right leg;

– in order to return to the starting position, reverse the sequence;

– once you finish with one repetition, make 6-8 repetitions with your right arm, then switch sides, and repeat the same movements and number of repetitions with the left arm too.

  1. Kettlebell Squat

If you are dying for toned glutes, then this exercise is the perfect one for you. You may make the same exercise by using dumbbell, but the effect is not the same as when using kettlebells, because the kettlebell moves more muscles and challenge your balance in the same time. The detailed instructions for this exercise are the following:

– Start the exercise by standing on both your feet. The same needs to be wide apart so that your toes are turned to the forward. At this position you need to hold a heavy kettlebell in front of you. It is from great importance your hands to be turned towards you;

– As your chest is lifted, start making squats with your body so that your things come into a parallel position with the floor. Make a short pause and then raise your body so that you may return to the starting position. Make 20-25 repetitions of the exercise.

  1. Kettlebell Windmill

If you want to work on your torso and oblique, then the double-kettlebell move is the right choice for you. Keep in mind that this move is a killer, but will help you to get a smaller waist in no time. The detailed instructions for this exercise are the following:

– Start the exercise by standing on both your feet, so that the same will be on a distance wider than your hip width;

– make the first movement by rotating your left toes to the outside. At the same time lift your right arm above your head. During this movement make sure that your eyes are on the kettlebell all the time;

– bring your body into a sassy position by shifting your hips to the right. It is very important not to swing your pelvis behind during this movement;

– while your hips are moving to the right, be sure that your weight will shift to the right too i.e. around 60 percentages of your weight need to be at your right foot;

– bring your torso to the floor, so that the kettlebell floats just off the ground;

– afterwards your body needs to reach the yoga triangle pose i.e. your body needs to be flat as much as possible, so that the ankles, shoulders, and hips are in one plane;

– form a biceps curl by binging your left hand to your left shoulder. Make sure that your torso is in a still position;

– in order to come back to the standing position, you need to keep your right arm positioned towards the ceiling, and your left arms bent. At this point, it looks as your waist is doing all the work necessary for movement of your torso;

– in order to distribute your entire weight between both your feet, you need to shift your pelvis to the back;

– you are done with one repetition of the exercise when your left arm is over your head, working your shoulder. In order to return to the starting position, lower your left arm. Then make repetitions as much as necessary.

  1. Kettlebell Squat and Swing

If you want to practise your core and in the same time tone your shoulders and back, then this classic exercise will help you to achieve what you want. Keep in mind that the exercise is not so easy as it seems and the same will make your heart rate go up. It is very important to hold the kettlebell correctly and control the same, because the exercise includes explosive swing while you are making squats. The detailed instructions for this exercise are the following:

– Start the exercise by standing on both your feet, so that the same are on a distance wider than your shoulder width. Your toes should be slightly positioned outwards. While you are holding a kettlebell with both of your hands between your legs, make a squat. At this position your abs need to be engaged and your back is in a straight position;

– as you are breathing in, press onto our feet and explode up. This means that your legs need to get straightened while you are swinging the kettlebell in front of you. At this point, your hands need to be in a same line with your shoulders;

– as you are breathing out, take the control over your body, and return to the starting position. Regarding the kettlebell, the same needs to swing back, between your legs;

– at this point you are done with one repetition. Make 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions of the exercise.

  1. Basic 5-Move Workout

If you make these 5 kettlebell exercises correctly, be sure that tones of calories will disappear of your body. For beginning, it is very important to start the workout with a kettlebell with a lighter weight, for instance one of 5-10 pounds of weight, so that your body gets used to it. As you will become stronger you are allowed to increase the amount of repetitions. Once you will be able to make 20 repetitions of each exercise, correctly, then you may increase the weight of the kettlebell.

  1. Kettlebell Video

In order to have a closer and detailed look on these exercises it is suggested to watch the video with Yumi Lee, a Reebok Cross Fit trainer. She is the one that brought Jessica Alba into a great shape. Lee will give you some detailed instructions how to make the Uppercut, Heartbeat, Around the World, and Single-Arm Single-Leg Thrusters. If you are following her instructions correctly, make sure that tones of calories will just vanish from your body in a short period of time.