7 Fantastic Benefits Of Working Out Before Going to Bed

Exercising improves the overall health of the people. Everyone is recommended to find and work a proper physical activity or set of exercises adequate for his physical level. However, there are different opinions when is the best way to do the exercises?

We usually hear that the exercises prove the best effects in the morning, but for many reasons, many people are not able to follow that advice. However, all exercise is good – no matter the time of day when they are done.

Doing exercises at night might be even better for you, and here are seven reasons why working out before bed is a good idea.

  1. Relieves Stress

The main benefit of the exercise before bed is on your mental health, as it makes your brain stronger and healthier, so you can handle stress better. Physical activity stimulates ‘feel good’ neurotransmitters called endorphins.

They also boost norepinephrine, the neurochemical that strengthens the body’s coping mechanisms, which make it easier to face emotions and thoughts.

You shouldn’t expect that exercises completely banish your stress, but it’ll definitely help you deal in a healthier way.

  1. Clears The Mind

This is a benefit that comes simultaneously with the stress relief. Exercises before bed calm your brain and let your worries simmer down after a long day at work.

Sleeping with a clear mind, you’ll wake up with a clear mind, so the benefits will easily transfer to the next day.

  1. Releases Tension

Standing or sitting all day cause stiffness in your neck, back, shoulders, and hips. By doing exercises before bed you can actually help those spots to release tension.

You should be focused on stretching, by doing yoga exercises, which are great for releasing joint and muscle tension.

Here are some of the best moves for tension relief:

–           Bridge pose,

–           Cat/cow pose,

–           Bow pose,

–           Triangle pose,

–           Even a simple child’s pose can be of great help.

  1. Improves Sleep

Because the stress disturbs good sleep, when you’re less stressed, you will get better sleep. Exercising helps you to fall asleep faster since restlessness and insomnia won’t be a problem, which is one of the many benefits of working out.

How long should you exercise?

The key is to make a proper program in a particular time. The National Sleep Foundation suggests that working out three hours before sleeping is enough time that boost of energy come and go, just before you go to bed.

  1. Allows More Time

Depending on the specification of your job, exercising in the morning can be chaotic, because most of the time you will have to finish within a tight time frame. Sometimes the time is too short that doesn’t allow you to take a shower and getting ready for work.

Another difficulty can be that the gyms can be crowded in the morning.

So, the advantage of exercising at night is that you don’t need to rush.

  1. Enhances Motivation

Even in the evening, after a long day, many of you still have things to do. In this case working out will give you a boost of energy and get you motivated.

This motivation helps if you are more likely to prepare your breakfast, lunch, and do your clothes, so you’ll have relaxed mornings.

  1. Prevents Unhealthy Habits

As exercising increase a motivation to do some jobs in the evening it will also ward off unhealthy habits, such as sitting in front of the television, temptation to drink or eat unnecessary calories.

Because everyone is different, all of you who like working out in the morning can do it, but it doesn’t hurt to exercise at night. You can benefit from exercising no matter when it is done.

Source: www.curejoy.com