7-Day Whole Body Workout Plan Routine

Being attractive and sexy is the dream of every human on this Planet. Having a perfect body means wearing all the clothes that you like. That is an explanation why most of the women around the world are ready to take everything needed for a toned body.

Luckily, the number of methods that can be applied by your body are enormous and most of them are consisted on cardio and strength exercises. The same need to be combined with healthy meal plan in order the results to be effective. The main point during this regime is to choose the best cardio and strength exercises for your muscles.

Today’s article presents a 7-day workout plan which exercises all your muscles. By taking this workout plan your body will get easily shaped. What you need to do is being more positive and you would not regret taking this workout.


Lie down your body on the floor.

Make sure that your feet are flat on the ground so that you can bend your knees by making an angle of 90 degrees.

If you have a bench, then you can put your feet up on the bench so that the same will be a few inches away.

Turn your toes inwards and make them touching.

Then, place your both hands on the both sides of your head.

Your elbows need to be in a parallel position with your body.

In order to isolate your abdominal muscles, you need to push your back down the floor. Then slowly and carefully curve your shoulders to the front and up off the ground.

Continue with the exercise by pushing down your lower back to the floor.

You need to increase your shoulders just four to six inches only, so that you can hold and squeeze your abdominal muscles.

Make a light movement and go back to the position of which you have started the exercise.

  1. Down Dog Abs

Make the Downward Dog pose with your body. Push your entire body weight to your heels so that your tailbone can reach the sky. Raise your left leg and squeeze your left glute.

While you are breath out push your body weight forward towards your hands.

Then draw your left knee towards your nose so that you can pull your abs to your spine.

In this position your back need to be rounded. While breathing in raise your left leg and push your body weight back to your heels. Continue the exercise as much as it is needed.

  1. Bupress

Put your body in a position as you are making a squat.

Then put your hands on the ground in front of you, ahead of your feet.

Move your feet to the back as you are jumping so that your body gets into a plank position. Afterwards push up your body so that your chest touches the ground.

Instead this position, you can drop down on your knees too, which will be easier movement for your body.

Then just push up yourself from the ground so that you can return your body to the plank position.

Put your feet back, as you are jumping toward your hands.

In a vigorous and forceful manner jump into the air so that your arms get reached in a straight position over your head.

  1. Jumping Rope

A rope is needed for this exercise.

Take the rope into your hands, one rope end in each hand so that the middle of the rope is behind you. The rope ends need to be kept to your hips.

Start making rotations with your wrists so that the rope is swinging over your head.

When the rope gets in front of you then jump over the rope with both of your feet.

Continue with the rotations of the rope and the jumping on your both feet.

  1. Superman

You will need an exercise mat for this exercise.

Put the mat on the floor, lie down your body on the same with the face down the floor.

Your arms need to be extended above your head as much as possible.

The same goes with your legs too, but they need to be extended behind you.

Raise your chest, your arms, and your legs of the floor so that your back forms an arch.

The only contact that your body may have with the ground is through the top of your quads and your lower abdomen.

Count to two while you are squeezing your abdominals.

Then you can return to the starting position.

  1. Dumbbells Deadlifts

Dumbbells are needed for this exercise.

Put the dumbbells on the ground and step over so that the kettlebell be in the centre beneath you.

Move your feet so that would reach the shoulder width.

Keep your chest up and try to tight your core.

Start the exercise by bending your knees lightly and moving your hips to the back.

Try to extend your arms to that the same grab onto the kettlebell.

Let the kettlebell be a base on which you are going to hold on.

Then move your hips to the front so that you can stand back up.

Reverse your hips to the back, slowly, and bend your knees lightly. You should not bring your lower back to an arch position.

  1. Push Ups

Start the exercise by putting your hands in a flat position on the floor, so that the same will be beneath your shoulders.

Put your legs behinds you and extend them to a position that only your toes and balls of the feet are touching the floor.

Tighten your abdominal muscles, keep your back straight, and hold up your body.

Lower your chest to the ground, but not fully to the ground.

Bend your elbows so that your chest reaches a position just above the floor.

In this position you may feel how your chest and shoulders are stretching.

Moe your body upwards, so that your arms get in a straight position while you are returning in the starting position. You may repeat the exercise.

  1. Commandos 

Starting position- hands plank position with your shoulders stacked over your wrists  (body in a straight line)

Engaging your core, keep your hips square to the ground and core engaged,

Lower down to your right forearm, then to your left.

Return to a hands plank leading with your left hand.

Continue alternating.

15 reps (each side)  x 3 sets !!!

Featured Image Source: www.gofit-stayfit.com