6 Exercises to Erase Foot and Ankle Pain ( Gentle, Soothing )

Rubbing your feet every time when you are in a serious need is not always possible. This regular treatment may be a time consuming, but in the same time expensive too.

The good thing is that now you can allow a treatment of that type at home and experience how it feels to have healthy and relaxed feet and ankles.

The benefits of the feet massage are much greater than you can think. Many experts explain that our feet can be considered as maps to our health, and by applying pressure to our feet we can energize our entire body.

But pressure in our feet means pressure in our ankles too. In order to stretch and relieve our ankles and feet from pain we need to start practicing ankle mobility stretches. The same will easy the up-and-down movement of our feet, improving our form body in every other exercise that we will do.

The following article will present to you six easy and simple stretches and messages that will relieve the pain from your tired feet and ankles and revive the same.

All that you will need for these exercises is one yoga, block, and one tennis ball. At the end of the day when your feet are very tired start practising these massage routines.

Make sure to do each stretch per 30 seconds per each foot or ankle. Repeat each exercise two times in order to get greater benefits.

  1. Ankle Flexion Stretch on Block

Place the block on the floor. Start the movement by stepping with your toes and the ball of your foot on the block. Your heel need to be on the ground. Direct your weight forward so you can put the entire pressure on the ball of your foot. Then you need to stretch your ankle.

If you want to perform a light stretch, put your other foot right next to the block. If you want to increase the stretch put both of your feet on the block and make a forward fold position.

  1. Ankle Extension Stretch on Block

Stand in front of the block, around 4 feet on distance. Then put the top of your foot on the block so that the top of your toes get supported. In order to put some pressure on the foot, bend your knee so that you feel a stretch on your front part of the ankle.

  1. Toe Flexion Stretch on Block

Start the exercise by standing in front of the block. Then with your toes step on the top of the block. You need to stretch the bottom of your foot by leaning the same.

  1. Toe and Ankle Extension on Block

Start the movement by pressing the top of your toes down on the block. Form a straight line with the front of your ankle by leaning back. If these movement feels to intensive for you then try to repeat the movement slowly. If still you do not feel comfortable, then replace this movement with the Ankle Extension Stretch.

  1. Plantar Fascia Roll Out with Ball

Put the tennis ball on the top of the block. Then press down to the block by rolling up and down so that you will massage the arch of your foot. Press harder on the critical spots and stay in that position for around 3 breaths. If you want to feel deeper massage, use a golf ball instead of tennis ball.

  1. Achilles Roll Out with Ball

Start the movement by sitting down with your body on the floor, so that you will place the back of your ankle on the top of the ball. The ball need to be placed on the block. Start massaging your Achilles muscles by rolling down and up the same. Press down harder on the critical spots and stay as that for 3 breaths. If you want to feel deeper massage, you can put your other ankle on the top of the one that is on the ball, and press harder.

So next time when you will feel tired or have certain pain in your feet or ankles, just start doing these stretches and give the best foot rub to yourself.

Source: blog.paleohacks.com